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At Bobbin, we aren't just an adult bike manufacturer. We want to encourage the next generation of young riders. We pride ourselves as an online bike store that caters for every price range - big and small!

That's why we've got a wide range of bikes for toddlers - from their first bike to when they get a little bigger!

Our range of kids bikes includes a variety of sizes and styles for all ages. That's why we're sure you'll find the perfect kid’s bicycle here at Bobbin.

And if you want to make sure the whole family match, then be sure to check out our adult bikes too!

Balance Bikes
Balance bikes feature two wheels without any pedals. Bike shops and experts swear by them for toddlers, and we're inclined to agree!

Unlike stabiliser bikes, these lightweight bikes are perfect for getting children started on their own adventures. Help build confidence with the peace of mind that no-one’s going to fall off! Then, you can always move onto training wheels as a next step.

They're easy to carry and designed in the same style as our adult bikes. Our Balance Bicycles make for a great transition bike for children who are still learning. 

Pedal Bikes and Breaks
Our bigger bikes for children come fitted with stylish coloured soft grips and calliper brakes. This way, you can keep your children's safety a priority.

Plus, our bikes for 5-8 year olds and 7-11 year olds feature 7 gears. So you can get your youngsters out on the road in no time. Our kid’s bicycles also come in a range of wheel sizes to suit boys and girls of all ages. Choose from 12-26 inch wheel kids bikes to suit growing youngsters.

The larger models also feature colour-matched mudguards, a classic Bobbin bell and responsive hand brakes. And if you really want to customise your kids’ bikes, check out our junior accessories selection for fun decorations for their handlebars.

Our children’s bikes also come in a selection of classic Bobbin colours to suit boys and girls alike.

At Bobbin, our range of kids Gingersnap bicycles isn't just created for quality and style. We want to fill adult and children's bike seats everywhere. And the best way of doing that is by offering our awesome products at the best possible price for you!

Along with our commitment to low prices, you can pay in 3 interest-free instalments. So find a best seller or the latest model and get started with the personalisation process.

As parents (and the designated bike buyer!), it's up to you to make the final decision. That's why we want to provide you with a bike that keeps your children safe and happy at a reasonable price.

For more advice on bike sizing, keep scrolling. Or click here for assembly instructions.

Bike Fit
Finding the correct size bike starts with measuring the legs. Take a measuring tape, place it on the floor inside the leg and measure upwards.

If you want the perfect size bike for your children, check out the instructions in this chart.

If two sizes fit, go for the bigger. It will fit for longer whilst your child grows. Pick from smaller 12" bikes all the way up to larger models.

Inspiring Design
And last but not least, your Bobbin bicycle wouldn't such a quality bike if it didn't look awesome!

Bobbin bikes are the type to get you waves, smiles and compliments as you sail by. And our kids' bike designs are no different.

Head over to our blog for information on how to get the most out of your Bobbin bike and to learn about the brand. Or, head over to our pages on delivery and your order.