Which helmet?

The best way to make sure the helmet will fit you is to measure your head. This is also the case for kids as age is not a good indicator. 

How to Measure Your Head:

  • Have a flexible tape measure and place it around the circumference of your head.
  • Position the tape measure at the middle of your forehead, 2 fingers above your ears and at the widest point at the back of your head.
  • Note the result and then browse our amazing helmet range! Be aware that sizing varies from model to model.

We have 3 models of helmets and they have different sizing but as long as you know your head measurement, you will find the perfect one for you.



Comes in a multitude of colours and 2 sizes. It has an adjustable dial at the back, so you can fit as nicely as possible.

  • S/M will cover most kids and small adult heads: 48-54cm
  • M/L will cover kids with larger head and most adults: 54-60cm


Mirror Mirror

As the name indicates this is a super shiny helmet and a Bobbin classic. It reflects traffic lights in the night to make you more visible and is ideal during the day if you need to check your hair! In its new version, it has a dial at the back for the best fit. Available in chrome, gold, rose gold and bronze.

  • S/M will cover most women’s and teenagers’ heads: 53-58cm
  • M/L will cover most men’s heads: 56-60cm



Ticking all the boxes for a classic unisex everyday helmet, the Metric is so lightweight you’ll forget it’s on your head. Tried and tested on a huge variety of head shapes, it is guaranteed to feel great and look flattering to boot.

  • One size only but with an adjustable dial it really does fit most heads between 54-62cm



This helmet for children and adults really suits narrower and oval-shaped heads.  Made using the inmold process, it's also super-lightweight.  It features a cool matte paint finish, silver straps and Bobbin logo.  Rated Best Lightweight Kids Helmet by the Independent.

  • XS is suitable for smaller kids heads and small adult heads (48-54cm) 
  • M/L is suitable for regular adult size heads (54-58cm)

So get your tape and let's find you the best helmet for your next ride!


Arcade helmets are designed for older children, teens, and adults and have their sizes catered to suit that. These skater-style helmets offer great protection and vibrant colours, as well as lots of ventilation.

  • S/M is suitable for teen and small adults heads (52-56cm)
  • M/L is suitable for for regular and large size adult heads (55-59cm)

Get your groove on with the Arcade!