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Bikes For 2-4 Year Olds

Whether they're still on training wheels or just learning to ride, there's a Bobbin bike for all 2-4 year olds.

Age Range
Whether your children fall in the 1-3 years age bracket, or are 2-5 years old, this range of bikes for toddlers is perfect for you!

With quality bikes from Bobbin, you can't go wrong.

A Kids Bike For Girls and Boys
Our bikes for kids don't discriminate and are suitable for whoever the rider is. With a wide range of kids bikes here at Bobbin also comes a selection of awesome colours and accessories.

Balance Bike
These lightweight bikes are designed without wheels to help to teach toddlers balance before progressing to a pedal bike.

Plus, with a detachable handle, you can use this as a push bike (put your back into it Mum and Dad!).

Pedal Bikes
A Bobbin bike with pedals in our 2-4 year old range comes with a whole host of features (depending on model) like:

Stabiliser training wheels

Wicker basket

Ringer bell


Even our budget bikes don't skimp on quality!

We all know that ages 2-4 are prime tricycle territory. So whether you’re looking for a classic trike or one with a push-handle, you’ll find it in this range.

Brakes and Seats
Our larger pedal bikes in our 2 - 4 year range include dual hand brakes, soft grips, a stitched Bobbin saddle, adjustable seat, chrome ringer bell, handmade wicker basket.

With rear brakes and adjustable handlebars you can make sure your children stay safe and comfy.

A Bobbin kids bike features a sturdy steel frame that is built to last whilst being lightweight.

Our bikes for 2 - 4 year olds start at just £119 for our Gingersnap Balance bike and keep prices as low as possible, all the way up to our larger 12" kids bikes.

Weight and Bike Sizes
Weight is less of a consideration with children's bicycles. Instead, it's all about leg measurement.

Start by taking the inseam measurement of your little rider and match it up to our sizing chart to pick the perfect Bobbin bike for you.

Toddler Bikes and Wheel Size
That being said, we do offer larger 16-inch bikes and even 20" and 24" bikes in our range for toddlers.

For our 2-4 year olds bikes, though, they max out at models with 12-inch wheels to keep little feet firmly on the ground!

Check out our sizing chart to find the perfect wheel size for your children.

The Bobbin Design and Style of Bike
At Bobbin, we want to design bikes that add a splash of colour to everyday life and bike rides.

That's why you'll find a classic retro style with loads of colour options and accessories in both our kids and adult ranges.

Golden Rules
For peace of mind for both rider and parents, we always suggest bikes are used either under supervision or whilst wearing one of our high-quality bike helmets.