Checking out

Stock is only reserved when payment is made. Putting the item in the basket does not reserve stock.

Before checking out, you must read and agree to our delivery process.

Delivery process

Safe place

Beware! Safe Place

You may have selected 'Safe Place' for previous deliveries from couriers DPD & Chronopost. This means you agreed the courier can leave all your parcels without signature.

Please contact them to remove this preference from your account. If you are offered this option we do not advise you use it. Your parcel is not insured and stolen/lost goods will not be refunded.

Do not give instructions like "leave behind hedge/in unlocked porch"
Game Over

Two delivery attempts

Get accurate live delivery information on the courier website using the tracking number link.

Not at home? You can request redelivery. After two failed deliveries, your parcel may bounce back to us.

In this case, we will charge to send out again.
Correct address

Correct address

It is your responsibility to make sure your delivery address is correct. Please double-check your cart and your order confirmation email.

If the parcel bounces back to us, we will charge to send out again.
Two tracking numbers

Two tracking numbers

Imagine the luggage belt at the airport. Big items don't fit - they come out separately. It's the same when you order a bike (large box) and accessories (small box). You get two tracking numbers.

Boxes may arrive at different times.
Customs charges

Customs charges

Your order is shipped out of the UK. You are responsible for customs charges and other import taxes and fees payable to receive goods in your country.
Pick-up Shop

Pick-up Shop, PO-Box & BFPO

Pick up shops: If you select this option, collect within 7 days or it will bounce back and there will be a redelivery charge. Note: pick up shop is not always available for big boxes.

PO box delivery: Not available.

BFPO: At your own risk. Your parcel is not insured for loss or damage once in the BFPO system.