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Bike Baskets

If you're looking for an awesome basket for sale, then you've come to the right spot. Our Bobbin bike baskets are beautiful, bold and never boring!

The Product Description: Bike Baskets
So speaking of boring, let's get it out of the way quickly. No range of bicycle parts would be complete without a classic bike basket.

So let us save you from a trip to an accessories shop. We've curated a fantastic range of natural and synthetic bike baskets for kids. And we've got loads of options for adult bikes too!

These essential items will help you to carry your very own everyday items! And we’ve got loads of types of cycling basket on sale.

Wicker Bike Baskets
Lovingly made from quality materials, we offer a wide range of natural wicker baskets. A wicker bicycle basket is suitable for everything from a water bottle to heavier loads.

You could be on the hunt for a basket for children, or somewhere to hold a freshly baked French baguette. Whatever you're after, there's something timeless and cool about a wicker basket.

Just check out our Nomad wicker basket if you don't believe us. It's one of our highest-rated products. Or swing by our Cambridge basket - one of our largest and most suitable pet baskets.

Whether you’re commuting or just going on a picnic, a bike basket is a perfect solution. Replace a heavy backpack or have somewhere to pop your handbag. Take packages to the post office, or shopping home from the stores. You can even fit some small dogs in a heavy-duty front bike basket!

Metal Bike Baskets
But here at Bobbin, we're well aware that we live in a modern and practical world.

That's why our range of baskets includes metal bike baskets too. And they're as lightweight as a Bobbin bike frame! Pick from our selection metal and rectangular baskets.

Hand-Woven Bike Front Basket
Our wicker bike baskets for children are even hand-woven. They're made lovingly from high-quality natural materials. Pick up a kids spare basket in case of emergency to save on tears later!

Don't worry if you're looking for a removable front bike basket or a pannier. We offer a range of materials including durable synthetic rattan and wicker.

So for a more traditional look, opt for one of our handwoven bicycle baskets. Pick from your favourite shape and style, then simply attach it to your handlebars.

Rear Baskets
We also have rear rack bike baskets besides our bags and panniers range. Perfect as an alternative to saddle bags, these fit on a pannier rack for a stylish solution.

Kids Bike Baskets
And if you need a basket for teddy, we've got awesome designs too. Make sure your kids are never without their favourite toys with a quality kids bike basket.

Adding a cute little wicker basket puts the finishing touches on. And we have baskets for 12" bikes all the way up to our larger models.

Pannier Baskets
At Bobbin you can even mix and match classic bike baskets with the pannier style! Add a metal pannier basket to save space on the rear of your bike or a rattan version for a more classic look.

Vintage Wicker Bicycle Basket
Do you need a luggage carrier? Or do you just want a basket with leather straps for your vintage bicycle? Well, Bobbin offers baskets that are ready to be fully customised. You can even buy bicycle baskets with faux leather if you’re vegan! Just head over to our decoration range for more cycle basket inspiration.

Basket Accessories
Don't worry - we've got you covered! From everything you'll need like basket straps (in bold colours of course!) to fittings for headlamps to stay safe on the road - we've got it all. Customise a cute bicycle handlebar basket for girls or even a classic or city bike for the adults.

Bobbin Baskets
Use it for everything from a bit of grocery shopping to transporting Rover to the park. Our range of Bobbin baskets is just as handy as our bike bags.

So pick up a need a removable bicycle basket that offers water resistance. Invest in something that's able to hold heavy loads too!  You can't go wrong with one of our bicycle front baskets.

A basket is a perfect item to brighten up a bike (and you're well on your way if you already own a Bobbin bike!).

You can even decorate them in bright colours with our garland kits for the perfect girly bike basket. Or pick a metal bicycle basket for all the cool bike dudes out there! Take a look around the rest of the Bobbin bikes website for a practical solution at an unbeatable price.