What Is a Kid's Vintage Bike?

What Is a Kid's Vintage Bike?

Choosing the perfect Bobbin bike can sometimes be a daunting task. With so many different styles to choose from, how do you know which is the perfect two-wheel for your child?

The first step is figuring out which style suits your little rider best. There are modern and traditional, including retro bicycles that might catch your eye. In the post below, you’re going to find out everything you need to know about vintage style kids bikes.

Kids Bikes

Gingersnap 12” Wheel

If you’re looking for bicycles for kids, then you’re not going to be short of any options! We have a wide range of models suitable for all ages, including balance bikes. Even better, it is in a range of fun bike colours that add a unique twist.

But first, your little one needs to learn how to ride a bike safely. They should be able to have a comfortable ride on a quality bike (like ours!) And just as you would with adult bikes, all you have to do is find the right kids bike size.

Once sorted out, you and your future cyclist are ready to choose from our vintage selection.

Vintage-Style Bicycles for Children

Brownie Junior 20” Wheel

Vintage-style bikes draw inspiration from classic designs of the past. They are characterised by a nostalgic aesthetic, mimicking mid-20th-century styles.

The term “vintage” typically encompasses bicycles manufactured between the 1930s and 1980s. This era saw a variety of iconic designs, such as cruiser bikes with balloon tires. Or smaller, child-sized versions of road and city bikes.

In terms of design and materials, vintage kids bikes tend to feature details like:

  • retro-inspired frames
  • leather saddles (such as this sprung saddle)
  • chrome accents
  • classic paint schemes

They evoke a sense of timeless charm and craftsmanship. In contrast, modern models often prioritise lightweight materials and contemporary designs. Moreover, they sacrifice some of the classic aesthetics associated with vintage styles.

Overall, a vintage touch in children’s bikes combines the best of both worlds: 1.) blending nostalgia with 2.) modern functionality.

Popular Vintage Bikes from Bobbin

One well-known brand that has produced vintage-style bikes for kids is Bobbin. Each model captures the essence of classic British cycling.

Notable models include the Gingersnap, Moonbug, Skylark, and Brownie. Both are designed with timeless aesthetics, practicality in mind, and quality craftsmanship. They boast features like colourful frames and bike accessories reminiscent of classic two-wheels.

Bobbin Gingersnap

Gingersnap 16” Wheel

The Gingersnap is the epitome of timeless style and modern functionality in the world of kids’ bikes. It captures the essence of traditional British cycling in a pint-sized package designed for young riders.

This vintage bike model caters to various age ranges. This ensures a perfect fit for your child as you grow and develop. Moreover, it’s available in multiple wheel sizes, including:

Each and every Gingersnap bike comes with a collection of great features:

  • Immaculate gloss paint finish
  • Handmade wicker basket with iconic Bobbin head badge
  • Fresh and stylish, solid cream tyres
  • Easy-reach brake levers with classic, brown soft-touch grips
  • Shiny silver ding dong bell
  • Colour-matched mudguards and chaincase
  • Vegan leather embossed Bobbin saddle
  • 7 Shimano gears to get you up and down hills
  • Handy Kickstand

Colours available: Classic pale Pink, delicate pale Blue, and Sunshine Yellow.

Bobbin Moonbug

Moonbug 16” Wheel

The Moonbug is a vintage-style wonder that marries nostalgia with modern innovation. It is designed to ignite your child’s passion for cycling from an early age. The best part of this bike is it adapts to your little one’s age and growth. This ensures they enjoy a comfortable and secure ride as they develop their skills.

With its retro design and attention to detail, the Moonbug is a visual delight. It pays homage to the timeless aesthetics of vintage bicycles. Additionally, it shares almost the same features as Gingersnap. As for the size, this vintage bike unit only comes with two, including:

Its sturdy construction and premium components ensure durability and reliability. Watch as your child embarks on endless adventures with the Moonbug, one pedal at a time.

Bobbin Skylark

Skylark 12” Wheel

The Skylark might be the answer to sparking your child’s love for biking. Brought to you by Bobbin, it presents a blend of nostalgia and modern practicality. Its colour palette creates a ride that stands out wherever your child goes: moody Blue and fun Orange.

The features of the Skylark vintage bike never fail. It shares the same ones with Gingersnap and Moonbug but with added bonuses, including:

  • Satin brushed-sliver-lipped chainring
  • Smooth silver cable housing
  • Alloy V-brakes for responsive braking
  • Cool-grey BMX-style pedals
  • Spectacular brushed silver, satin handlebars

Various wheel sizes are also available: 12” wheel bike and 16” wheel bike. Nurture your kid’s passion for cycling and watch them soar with the Bobbin Skylark!

Bobbin Brownie

Brownie Junior 20” Wheel

What sets the Brownie apart from the rest is it’s a limited edition model. Bobbin has teamed up with Smallable to bring this iconic bike to life. Dutch- and vintage-inspired, it comes in two unique pastel colours: Olive and Caramel.

Its lightweight premium alloy frame and calliper U-brakes add to its novelty. The mudguards and chaincase are colour-matched. What’s more, the 7 Shimano gears ensure you get your child up and down the hill. These are just among the fantastic features the vintage Brownie Junior offers!

Available wheel sizes for this specific kid’s vintage bike model are:

  • 16” wheel bike
  • 20” wheel bike

  • The Bobbin Brownie is the perfect choice to instil a love for biking in a classic style.


    With all the information you may need, you can now choose your kid’s vintage bike! Don’t forget to equip your little riders with childrens bike helmets for safety. We have a vast range of impressive colours, including pink bikes and blue bikes.

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