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Christmas Gift Guide: Buying a Kids Bike

Buying your child a bike is one of the best gifts you can give.

It's a great way to teach them independence and conjure up adventures for you to go on together.

But, choosing the best bike for your child can be tricky.

You have to juggle it being age-appropriate whilst looking nice. It should be available in your kid favourite colour. And, the bike should have the proper support for whatever level of cycling confidence your child has.

This is, understandably, overwhelming.

So, we thought we'd simplify the process by creating a bike gift guide for the holiday season.

Here at Bobbin, we pride ourselves on making the best bikes to meet all of your children’s needs.

And, with assurance from the likes of The Times that Bobbin bikes make one of the best children’s Christmas gifts, you can feel confident in your choice of bike.

But, which Bobbin Bike is best for your kid? Well, you’ll know by the end of this article!

We've arranged the guide by recommendations based on your child's age range.

The age range for each bike is determined by average children's height.

So, if you're unsure whether the bike will be the right size, make sure to measure your little one against our size guide.

And with that, this is our Christmas gift guide - bike edition!

little girl on yellow balance bike with a basket

For Age 2-4

As your toddler starts to, well, toddle - they may also begin to show an interest in bikes. 

There are a few different ways a child can learn to ride a bike, all of which are tried and tested. So, it comes down to your personal preference.

If you're interested in the pros and cons of each, check out this blog to find out more!

A bike for a 2-4-year-old should, first and foremost, assist your child with balancing. Before cycling, balance is likely something a child has never encountered.

There are a few different ways to do this.

Bikes with a 12" wheel

A classic kids bike can be an excellent way to teach your child how to ride a bike as they mean to continue.

Bikes of this size use the same frame as a regular bike. The only addition is stabilisers (also known as training wheels) to increase stability for the child. 

This is a great option as a temporary measure to build up confidence.

Once you and your child feel ready, the stabilisers can come off to reveal a standard pedal bike.

Here at Bobbin, we have two options for bikes with stabilisers for 2-4-year-olds:

  • The Gingersnap 12" wheel

    The Gingersnap bike is a mini version of the Bobbin adult bikes, made with the same care and quality -
    just smaller.

    Our Gingersnap bike model stands out as a vintage kids bike amongst increasingly modernised designs. It’s one to make the grandparents swoon thinking about their own childhood bikes and to take timeless photographs of your little one riding on.

    It's available in a range of colours - from gorgeous pastels (duck egg, green, and blossom pink) to timeless bold finishes (cerise and yellow).

    These can be purchased alongside our matching Starling Helmets or Skylark Helmets - depending on whether you want a rounded or sporty look.

gingersnap 12" kids bike duck egg blue

  • The Moonbug 12" wheel

    The Moonbug is a classic, retro-style balance bike.

    It too is a kids vintage bike, complete with a miniature wicker basket for teddy to ride along in.

    The main aesthetic difference is a darker vegan leather saddle, grips and basket, and the bolder colour choices.

    A far cry from the pastels of the gingersnap bike, the Moonbug bike is available in showstopping blueberry, pea green, and red. Each, with a gorgeous gloss finish.

    Our Starling Helmets are also available in each of these colours so that you can coordinate with your bike. Or, mix and match!

bobbin moonbug 12" bike red


  • The Skylark 12” wheel

    Our newest addition to our kid’s bike range - here just in time for Christmas!

    We consider the Skylark model our 'luxe sport' design for children.

    This is primarily because of its lightweight alloy frame. It also foregoes the Bobbin bike basket that is customary for our other designs in favour of speed.

    Created for kids who have taken to cycling faster than most, this is our smallest sized bike no to include stabilisers or another form of support.

    While stabilisers aren't included, we offer cream coloured Skylark Stabilisers to match with your child's bicycle if they're not yet quite confident balancing.

    And, of course, we have our Skylark Helmets designed to be just as sporty as the bike it matches and the kid’s that wear them!

bobbin skylark 12" bike in clementine orange


A tricycle is an age-old method of learning to cycle.

A trike uses a similar method to stabilisers but instead use three permanent, and therefore sturdier, wheels.

They are also built to help with balance, allowing for the child to pedal off without wobbling.


Balance Bike

The concept of a balance bike is quite different to other bikes aimed at this age range.

Rather than support your child by taking away the need to balance, this focuses entirely upon it.

Balancing is a crucial skill for your child to learn. And, introducing balance to them at a young age is a great start.

Balance bikes don't have pedals and so work by the child pushing their feet against the ground.

Instead of learning to pedal, the two wheels mean that kids who learn to ride by balance bike must first learn to keep themselves upright.

Learning one bike skill at a time can help your children grow confident in cycling.

After that, the pedalling comes with ease.

Our balance bike range includes:

  • The Gingersnap Balance

    Almost identical to our Gingersnap 12" wheel bike, only simpler.

    It has the same beautiful finish and colour options, just without the pedals and stabilisers.

    Our Gingersnap balance bike is both beautiful and simple to ride, helping your child gain confidence on a bike quickly.

    And, if you needed another reason to choose this model - how many other balance bikes come with a basket? Especially one this cute.

    Plus, Women’s Health Magazine has named the Gingersnap bike as first on their list of Balance Bikes for Toddlers and Kids Learning to ride!

    gingersnap bobbin balance bike in yellow with basket

    • The Moonbug Balance

      Again, it's the same design as the Moonbug 12" wheel bike but with no pedals. With an identical basket, colour options, finishing touches - it’s just a different way to learn to cycle that has its own benefits.

      They'll have the same fun riding their balance bike as a bike with stabilisers, and you'll have the same joy in watching it.

      bobbin moonbug balance bike in red

        Age 4-6

        4-6 is an exciting age for children.

        At this point, children are at vastly different stages in many of their skill developments - including riding a bike.

        So, when buying a child of this age a bike for Christmas, you should think about both how skilled a cyclist they are at this point in time and where they will be in the next couple of years.

        Bike with 16" wheel

        A children’s bike with 16" wheels is our next step up from the 12" bicycles for 2-4 year olds.

        Kids will likely have grown up physically and in confidence between the two age groups. This should be reflected in riding a bigger bike.

        There is no one-size-fits-all answer to when to take off stabilisers, but the earliest age is normally around 4.

        So, we use quality stabilisers that can also be removed at your convenience.

        This allows your child to develop at their own pace, with the option for the next step ready when they are.

        At Bobbin, we offer a range of kids bikes for this age: 

        • The Gingersnap 16" wheel

          Much like our 12" Gingersnap, only it's sized up for bigger kids!

          In the same array of gorgeous colours, it's guaranteed to be your little one's new favourite toy.

            gingersnap 16" bobbin bike blossom pink

            • The Moonbug 16" wheel 

              Also sized up from the 12" wheel size model, the Moonbug is also available in the same colours.

              The 16" comes with the additional option to choose brown tyres with the blueberry frame for a different kind of vintage look.

              bobbin moonbug 16" bike in pea green

              • The Skylark 16" wheel 

                The Skylark was until recently exclusively available for the 4-6 age range, which means we designed it to meet the specific needs of cyclists between these years.

                The lack of stabilisers is geared towards children who are confident cycling and see the next stage as improving the speed and distance they can cycle.

                And, if you know your kid is nearly there but not quite ready to say goodbye to support, you can purchase the Skylark Stabilisers as a temporary measure, until your child is feeling self-assured.

                Available in Bobbin favourites, blossom pink and moody blue, but also clementine. An awesome orange shade that is only available for the Skylark model kids bike. We know, we’re jealous you can’t get it for our adult’s bikes too!

                bobbin skylark 16" bike in moody blue

                Age 5-8

                By the ages of 5-8, kids often have a bit of experience on bicycles of some form. This might be with stabilisers, trikes, or balance bikes.

                It can mean they're ready to take the next steps in learning to ride, which our bikes help them achieve safely.

                children wrapped up warm next to a bike with basket

                Bike with 20" wheels

                Another jump in size for your growing child, 20" wheels should be the perfect size bike for a 5-8-year-old.

                • The Gingersnap 20" wheel 

                  This bike is an advanced model in comparison to our smaller sized Gingersnaps.

                  The model acknowledges the balance most children have developed by this age through being our first Gingersnap to not include stabilisers.

                  If your child is not quite ready to cycle without support, you can still attach stabilisers, don’t worry.

                  It's also our smallest model of kids bike to include gears.

                  Until this point, our bikes are single speed to encourage the development of other skills. Namely, balance and pedalling.

                  But, we think by the time your child is riding a 20", they can take on the extra challenge.

                  Be sure to sit down and explain how gears work to your child, and they will get the hang of it in no time.
                    With this addition, the 20" is essentially a bike with all the same functions as an adult bike, just a bit smaller!
                  gingersnap 20" bike with basket in mint green

                      Age 7-11

                      By 7-11 years, your child is likely flying off on their cycling adventures.

                      And to reflect that, the bike you buy for them should have the features of an adults bike while maintaining the playful energy to mirror their youth.

                      Bike with 24" wheels

                      24" wheels are appropriate for this age range, and will likely see your child into their teenage years.

                      This means that it's worth investing in a sturdy and stylish children’s bike that they’ll love for as long as they spend riding it.

                      • The Gingersnap 24" wheel 

                        The Gingersnap 24" is built to last through your child's adolescent years.

                        It's not designed based on trends that'll go in and out of fashion. Instead, it has a timeless style that you and your kid will never grow bored of.

                        It's the bike that will reliably take them on family picnics, to the park with their friends, and to school over the years. By the time they've outgrown it, it will be jam-packed with memories.

                        Your child may age, but the bike won't.

                        It'll see them through until they're ready to upgrade to an adult bike but will perform as expertly as one in the meantime.

                         gingersnap 24" kids bike in blossom pink

                        Accessories and Decorations for Kids Bikes

                        When buying your child such a special gift for Christmas, you may want to add some personal touches so it's the perfect bike for your child.

                        flower pot and pink tricycle

                        Here are some of our best recommendations for finishing touches to give to your kid's bike: 

                        • A matching helmet

                          We've mentioned helmets a few times in this gift guide, but for a very good reason.

                          A helmet is a necessary safety measure to protect your child, especially if they're still learning - falls are to be expected.

                          But, helmets are often garish and can take away from the style of your bike.

                          They don't have to, though!

                          At Bobbin, we make all of our helmets with safety and elegance in mind.

                          In our range, you'll find many helmets that compliment your kid's bike - the difficult part is choosing which one you love the most.
                        • A Garland

                          As if having a wicker basket on their bike isn't cute enough!

                          A garland is a decorative wreath. This can mean bunting, pom poms, or mini tassels.

                          Decorating your child's basket with a garland is a great way to help them identify it as theirs.

                          We also offer a Basket Garland Craft Kit. It's a perfect post-Christmas activity.

                          Treat it as an opportunity to get creative with your child, helping to make the decoration personal.

                        • Button Lights Set

                          A bike light is a safety feature to increase the visibility of your child when riding their bike.

                          They can also be a cute addition to a bicycle.

                          Our button lights are just that - cute. They can be simply attached to any part of the bike to light the frame up on darker days or at dusk.

                          Available in a range of sweet colours, your child will be eager to turn on the lights and keep themself safe in the process.

                        • Tassels

                          Tassels have the potential to make riding your bike even more fun.

                          Attach them to your child's handlebars and watch them float in the wind, flapping more the faster they go.

                          It's a small touch, but it adds so much personality to your kid's bike.
                        If you want even more inspiration on how to decorate your child's bike - have a browse of this blog!

                        three kids pulling faces each on a bike

                        'Tis the Season to Buy a Bike

                        Buying your child a bike for Christmas is a perfect gift that they'll remember receiving forever.

                        It's a chance for your little one to learn a life skill, make memories, and have adventures.

                        By organising it by age, we hope to have given you an idea of the best options for your child's size.

                        And, to have provided some extra help on how to make the bike personal to you and your child.

                        Now you know what kids bike is perfect for your little one comes the next question, how on earth do you wrap a bike? Well, we’ve got a helpful guide to make wrapping the awkwardest shape gift a little easier! Click here to find out more.

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