10 Best Bike Accessories To Use With Kids

10 Best Bike Accessories To Use With Kids

Cycling with kids doesn’t need to be a difficult task. Below, we have some great child bike accessories for you to use when you’re out cycling with your kids!

Handlebar tassels - If you’re having trouble getting your kids into bikes, try handlebar tassels to make the bike even more exciting!

Kids Bike lock - It’s a great idea to teach your kids the importance of locking up your bike when you leave it unattended. 

Bike mirrors - Bike mirrors are great if your child is in a bike seat behind you. You can see them, they can see you.

Bike pump - Sunce kids can’t avoid hazards as well as adults, a bike pump is great if you get a flat tyre on the trip.

Bell - Teaching your kids how to use a bell from a young age is a must!

GPS app - Tracking gives you a great amount of peace of mind if your kids get lost on your journey.

Stabilisers - If you’re child can’t get ride a bike, stablisers are a great addition.

Reflectors - Reflectors are just like bike lights but don’t need batteries!

Kids bike basketBike baskets are a great way to get your kids having some responsibility for their items. 

Kids bike seat - If your child isn’t yet familiar with riding a bike, grab a childs bike seat or trailer and attach it to your bike.

They’re all of the tips we have, enjoy!

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