Age 4-6

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Bikes For 4-6 Year Olds

We like to think a Bobbin Bike is the perfect bike for every age. Our quality bikes are built with style an functionality in mind to keep you looking cool in the saddle.

And when it comes to bike for 4 - 6 year olds, we have a range of kids bikes that'll give you both peace of mind and a great deal!

Range of Bikes For Sale
Our wide range of child-sized Bobbin bikes for children olds features three styles:

Bike With Training Wheels
Our bikes with removable training wheels are some of our most popular due to their long life.

You can start your kids off on a trike with stabilisers and then take them off when they're ready to go it alone!

A Balance Bike - Single Speed Bike for Kids
If you want a single speed bike for your little ones, then start them on a Bobbin no-pedal balance bike. These bikes are especially suited for 2 - 4 year olds.

Pedal Bike
But if you're looking for bikes for 5 year olds, then training wheels may be a thing of the past. Instead, why not invest in their first pedal bike from Bobbin?

Rear Brakes 
Our larger models also include Tektro dual hand brakes and cream-coloured tyres - perfect for road riding.

Budget Bike Companies
Unlike many bikes shops and sellers, Bobbin makes quality kids bikes at a budget - not budget kids bikes!

We like to think there's a difference, that's why we pride ourselves on style and the high-quality components used in our bikes for 4 - 6 year olds.

Sturdy Steel Frame
These features include a durable steel frame in every Bobbin bike. With a lightweight bike, transport it easy (we all know what happens when they get too tired to ride anymore!).

A lightweight frame offers a strong build without weighing you down.

Comfortable Riding Positions
With an adjustable seat and patent Bobbin junior saddle, you can set the perfect minimum seat height whilst ensuring a comfy ride.

The adjustable handlebar also features luxurious brushed alloy bars and a threadless stem.

Bikes for Kids Aged 4-6
Whether your child falls in the 3-5 years bracket or not, we have bikes for ages at Bobbin. Keep scrolling to find out how to measure your child for their Bobbin bike.

Bike Size and Wheel Sizes
We've found that 16-inch wheels make for the perfect size bike in our Bobbin 4-6 range.

As toddlers get a little bigger and want to roam further, they need a larger bike to support them on their adventures. So check out our Gingersnap, Moonbug, and Skylark models today. 

Frame Designs for Boys and Girls Bikes
Here at Bobbin we've created the perfect bike for boys and girls - no matter what their interests are!

With an extensive range of colour and accessory options, you can make your very own unique Bobbin bicycle

So take a look around Bobbin today to join in the fun!