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All our bikes are designed for everyday use. They are well made, stylish and sturdy. Message us if you need help deciding which is for you!

Bobbin Bikes

Here at Bobbin, we know we've got an adult bike to suit everyone - whether your first set of wheels of an upgrade for the daily commute!

We offer the quality and guarantee of a bike shop with all the added flair of the patent Bobbin design. So if you've been searching far and wide for the best bike for sale, look no further.

Our wide range adult models are some of the best and most fun in the bike industry today.

Made from durable but lightweight steel, a reliable bike doesn't have to be a heavy bike with Bobbin.

With adjustable saddle height and easy construction, plus tonnes of accessories for everything from a colourful Bobbin bell to a carrier rack, you can make your bicycle truly unique.

Folding Bikes
If you're a commuter
then our amazing Bobbin "Fold" folding bike could be the bike for you. Check out the Fold for a ready-to-ride package that's designed to store in tight spaces but also to ride nicely. 

Dutch Bikes
Based on Dutch bikes, our gorgeous Daytripper City Bike allows you to ride in the upright position whether it's through tulips or the streets of London.

This classic bike, the Bobbin Brownie 7 Vintage Bike, is one of our all-time customer favourites and best-sellers. 

City Bikes
And if you want a lightweight and slim city bike, then why not check our out sleek Hummingbird Vintage Bike? With a range of gorgeous bikes from Bobbin, you're sure to find something practical and stylish. Or, check out our hybrid bikes.

Hobbies & Leisure
So whether you simply want a black or blue bike for all the compliments you'll get on your next bike ride, or you want something practical with folding capabilities for the daily commute, you'll find it here at Bobbin.

We've carefully designed our bicycles for adults to enhance the riding experience without taking away any of the comforts of everyday life.

Wicker basket
So whether it's a beautiful bike with a wicker basket that you're after for that classic British bicycle look, or a bright and boldly coloured run-around, you'll find funky colourways and accessories across all our adult bikes and helmets.

Speed & 7 Gear Bikes
Here at Bobbin, we pride ourselves on being bike nerds who've made fun and comfortable bikes for the masses.

That's why we're here to convince you that models like our updated 2021 Brownie with its simple-to-use but effective single gear shifter is more than you'll ever need!

We've been paving the way in bikes lanes and now we want you to do the same. So with a range of gears you can get to work (or the pub!) on time.

For men's bikes and women's bikes refer to our sizing chart. Rider heights are given as a guide only.

Everyone has different length legs, regardless of height. So we strongly recommend measuring the inside leg before choosing the size!

Then, please see the specific bike product pages for more detailed sizing information. Click here for our size chart.

Bobbin Bicycles
As a bicycle business, Bobbin Bicycles are dedicated to quality and beautiful boutique cycles to suit people from all walks of life.

Our dedication to budget-friendly bikes also means that you can pay in interest-free instalments.

Find your forever bike with Bobbin, today!