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One of the best parts of having your own bike is personalising it - and what better way to make a bicycle your own than adding bike accessories to it!?

Here at Bobbin, we're big fans of personalisation and modifying our bikes. That's why we've created a huge range of fantastic, colourful accessories to help you do just that. Whether you're after a cute wicker basket, a joy-spreading bell bike, or even a fancy LED light, you'll find it all here.

Our accessories are designed to suit kids and adults of all ages. For those who still learning to ride, we even stock stabilisers to help you get your feet off the ground - and on to the pedals!

Don't worry, we've not stopped short on style either. All our bike accessories are designed to fit our fashionable range of bikes and helmets. Even our practical accessories, like our useful bike multi-tools and our secure bike locks, come in a number of bright colours and jazzy styles.

Even if you want a matching pink bell and bike lock, we'll make sure you're riding in style.

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Bike Accessories

If you've just picked up your new bike from Bobbin (hooray!) then you're probably looking to kit it out.

So whether you want some funky accessories for your Bobbin Cycle, or something more practical like a bike tool, we've got a wide range of add-ons for your next cycling adventure!

The perfect bike needs bicycle accessories:

Wicker Bike Baskets

Our bike baskets come in a range of sturdy styles made from classic materials like wicker, rattan, and metal.

So whether you want a genuine wicker basket or something stylish but a little sturdier - you'll find it all here.

Use your new Bobbin bicycle basket to hold groceries, a picnic, or even a small pet with our larger models! Find a hip front bike basket for the blokes or pick up the dream girls bike basket and some Duracork handlebar grips - we've got it all.

Handlebar Bag

And if you're looking for bike panniers, you're still in the right place! Our panniers and saddlebags come with a range of button and strap fastenings.

Our bike bags are perfect for books, gym clothes, or groceries!

Cycling Bike Helmets

For road users we have our awesome selection of bicycle helmets in a palette of colours designed to match our beautiful Bobbin Bikes.

So whether your ride is used as a city bike or just something to ride to the pub, we've got everything you'd find in a good bike shop.

Children's bike accessories

We've also got heaps of ideas to make your grandkids little one feel like a VIP.

With awesome designs and a comfy child seat, our Bobbin kids bikes are a blank slate for your to put your mark on. Check out our kids bike accessories page for child sized extras.

Water Bottles

We know that a good bike ride requires a good water bottle - so why not show off to the world that you're part of the Bobbin family with a sleek stainless steel water bottle?

Find loads of classic ideas like a Bobbin bike bottle right here.

Bike Lights

Although we might like to think it's style here at Bobbin - safety comes first! That's why we've got a great range of front and rear lights for carriers and handlebars.

Handlebar decorations

And speaking of handlebars, you can now deck out your Bobbin cycle with some awesome handlebar decorations including garlands, tassels, bells and baskets.

Speaking of handlebars, your Bobbin bike simply isn’t whole without one of our awesome Bobbin bells! Our Ciao range comes in a range of awesome colours including:


Or if you really want to join the family (we’d love to have you!) you can tell the world with a gorgeous embossed “Bobbin” bell.

Size & Options

You won't have to worry about your bike frame and wheel size to kit it out with Bobbin accessories which are designed to fit all styles and sizes. But you can always check out our sizing page for more information.


Here at Bobbin, we like to accessorise with cyclists in mind (duh!), that's why we want to help you hold on to your Bobbin bike.

We offer a wide range of practical add-on like kids and adults bike locks and a selection of carriers for heavy luggage or hanging your bike handbag pannier.

Bike Bell

Customise every element of your Bobbin bike from flashy mudguards all the way down to a mini bell in one of our cute colours.

Bike Tools

Never fear! Bobbin will be with you even in even in the less-than-good times when you need a spare bike inner tube or a bike multi tool for fastening and adjustments.

Check out our extensive range to find the best bike accessory for the job.

Bobbin Bikes

Here at Bobbin, we think that the perfect bike needs the perfect accessories.

So whether it's something fun for a kids bike, or something practical for an adult bike, we hope you'll be pleasantly surprised with our huge range of cycling accessories (some practical, and some just.

We know that every bike ride is the opportunity for a wonderful cycling experience and we want to help you enhance that.

Our price range even covers fun ideas up to £50 as well as fun ideas for £20 or less!

And all without breaking the bank! That's why you can now pay for many of our accessories with PayPal Credit.