The Bobbin Cycling Lifestyle Gift Guide

The Bobbin Cycling Lifestyle Gift Guide

Finding bike additions that’ll make your life and riding experience easier is a must. When you’re cycling, your main focus should always be on the road and path ahead, never on anything else. So, below, you’re going to find some great added extras for your bike that’ll make your life a whole lot easier!

Lifestyle Products

We have a wide range of products that’ll make your riding experience easier and safer. From bike baskets to locks and of course, not forgetting kids' stabilisers! Keep reading below to find all of the must-have items for your bike!

(Bike Baskets)

Bike Baskets & Bike Straps

When you’re riding to work, school or just to the local shop, you’re inevitably going to be carrying a lot! Grab yourself a bike basket and make your journey easier by avoiding carrying any backpacks. Don’t forget to grab some bike straps too so you can attach your basket!

Lottie Kids Bike Basket

Kids Bike Basket is ideal if you want a bike basket that fits nicely onto any child’s bike. It’s especially perfect if you’re looking for a bike basket that doesn’t stand out. It’s a deep basket with plenty of room for any of your kids' must-have items, such as teddy bears and their favourite snacks!

Express Bike Basket

If wicker bike baskets aren’t your thing, we have you covered still! We have the Express Bike Basket available for any adult and young-adult bikes. It’s super easy to fit and comes in four fantastic colours, perfect for any look you might be going for.

Leather Bike Basket Straps

If you’re looking to add a bike basket, you’ll of course need some fantastic straps to assist its attachment. Our Leather Bike Basket Straps come in three popping colours, ideal if you’re looking to add a modern twist to your bike.



If your kids are still learning to ride or they’re not yet confident riders, then we have you covered. Grab your kids some stabilisers to help them stay safe on the road as they ride their bikes. This way, they can enjoy the experience without having to worry about staying upright.

We have a fantastic set of stabilisers available, ready to fit onto any kids bike you might have between 12” and 20” wheel sizes. Our Stabilisers are a fantastic choice if you’re looking to make your child’s riding experience easily.

(Gingersnap 16")


A must-have item is a bike lock. If you’re commuting on your bike then being confident in your bike lock is key. We have some kid's bike locks in a wide range of popping colours, this way, they’ll never forget their bike locks again!

(Gingersnap 16")


Pannier Bags

Pannier Bags are an ever-popular option when it comes to riding a bike. Often, they’ll sit comfortably over the rear wheels, allowing your line of vision to stay completely intact. 

Toggle Double Pannier

The Double Pannier bag is perfect if you’re wanting to keep your line of sight free whilst you ride your bike. This bag is two sets of bike bags joined together that sit comfortably on top of the rear wheel, providing you with some much-needed storage space.

Button Single Bag

If you prefer keeping your belongings in sight of your eyes, then the Button Single Bag is ideal. This bag gets placed comfortably on the handlebars instead of a bike basket, giving you some storage space on the front of your bike.

(Gingersnap 16")



Grabbing yourself some multi-tools is a must. This way, no matter what happens on the road, you’ll be able to fix up your bike and get on your way without any fuss or stress over a damaged bike.

We have various bike tools available, all in a variety of colours and materials. We have a wonderful set of rainbow-themed multi-tools, perfect for being easily noticed in a bag full of items. We also have a bamboo set of multi-tools, perfect for the subtle approach.  


If you’re someone who plans to carry lots on your bike, then a bungee is a necessity. This fantastic item will keep your belongings safely attached to your bike as you head off on your journey.

Luggage Strap

Our Luggage Straps come in triple colours, meaning you’re getting three popping colours in one purchase. These straps will ensure your belongings stay safe whilst you’re riding, but also provide some fantastic colour to your bike ride.

Disco Bungee

If you’re looking to add something more exciting to your bike, then these Disco Bungees are perfect. They’ll keep your belongings safe on your journey, whilst also adding a glittery look to your bike.  

(Gingersnap 20")



We couldn’t leave out mudguards! This wonderful option will save your bike in the long run, keeping your wheels clean and free from mud. They also help to keep your clothes clean as your ride! A win-win!

Grab yourself a set of our Noodle Mudguards, coming in two wonderful colours of copper and silver, they both stand out and give a subtle look to your bike.

Those are all of our must-have lifestyle products, making sure you have a stress-free and enjoyable bike ride, no matter where you’re heading off to!

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