The Bobbin Stocking Fillers Gift Guide

The Bobbin Stocking Fillers Gift Guide

The cosy Christmas months are getting closer. Soon enough, we’re going to be stuck for present ideas and running around at the last minute. This year, we’ve made it easy for you! Below, we have some fantastic stocking filler ideas for your little ones to add to their kids bikes.

Bike Accessories, Stocking Fillers

Stocking fillers are small, inexpensive gifts traditionally placed in Christmas stockings. These charming surprises add excitement to the holiday season. Bicycle accessories are no exception, making them both practical and fun. Besides the safety they offer, they also reflect personal style.

Such ‘fillers’ offer a delightful twist to gift-giving during the festive season. They embody the spirit of joy and thoughtfulness in a compact package. So, whether your child is a keen cyclist or just getting their first Bobbin bike, this idea is the way to go!

We have a wide range of cyclist essentials that’d fit perfectly into a stocking, all affordable. Ideal for any child’s two wheels, including balance bikes, a vast array of options awaits you.

Bike bells

Ding Dong Bell

Bicycle bells make an exceptional choice for kids’ Christmas stockings. Take this ding dong bell, for instance, combining practicality and joy. First, its presence and the sound it makes alert others, enhancing safety on the road. When you press a lever, it causes a small hammer inside to strike a metal dome. This, in turn, produces a clear, attention-grabbing sound.

Next, it adds a touch of personal style to your little rider’s pedal companion. A wide variety of designs are available, from fun and colourful to themed bells. It’s a simple way to make their bike look cool and express themselves.

And how we can forget the tinkling sound of one, adding a touch of holiday magic! These little additions are affordable but worth it - not just for Christmas but for year-round joy.

Bike tassels

Handlebar Tassels

Streamers are colourful, dangling decors that can be attached to the bike’s handlebar. They flutter in the wind as kids ride, adding a fun and playful element to the bicycle. The tassels also make biking more engaging, encouraging kids to take pride in their ride. And with their super compact size, they make a fantastic stocking filler!

To make this present idea extra special, consider these DIY bike streamers. Let these joyful symbols of self-expression flutter your child’s bike stabilisers.

Bike light set

Button Bike Light Set

Bike lights are small, illuminating devices that can be attached to a bicycle. Their importance in kids’ bikes is significant, primarily focusing on safety. They alert motorists and pedestrians to the presence of the young cyclist. These lights come in handy in low-light conditions, reducing the risk of accidents. 

For Christmas stocking fillers, button lights are practical and thoughtful choices. Like bells, they come in fun, colourful designs that kids love. Note: Learn more about reflective lights for bikes next.

Bike rack straps

Long Bungee (various)

Kids baskets are a favourite, allowing children to carry their stuff while cycling. To maintain the stability of these add-ons, riders need something to lock them in. Cue bike rack straps, which are adjustable, durable straps used to secure baskets to bikes.

These long bungee straps, in particular, can be tucked into holiday stockings. Their length allows them to be neatly coiled, creating a delightful surprise for kids. If you’re looking for an affordable gift that’s easy to set up, you know what to stash in the socks!

Alternatively, go for hook-and-loop straps. The design features Velcro for quick and easy attachment. Regardless, both styles are reliable options for securing baskets.

Bike garlands

Bike Basket Garland Craft Kit

Another accessory that can easily be attached to bikes for 4 years olds is garlands. A bike garland is a decorative strand of colourful materials. Attaching to a front basket can infuse a vibrant, holiday-inspired look - depending on the design. The dangling feature also creates a sense of excitement and playfulness.

As Christmas stocking fillers, make sure to align the garland’s theme with the holiday season. Personalise them with festive elements like reindeer and Santa Claus. Or put bells and ornaments to this pom pom garland to enhance the charm.

Bike padlock

Kids Bike Lock

Bike pocks are a practical and valuable accessory that promotes safety and responsibility. They offer benefits not only for children but also for the older ones for their adult bikes.

Teaching kids the importance of securing their two wheels fosters good habits. This protects the investment in the bike itself in the long run. As a stocking filler, one can be a thoughtful gift that shows parent’s care for their child’s well-being. Their compactness permits easy coiling and stocking placement.


The holiday season is a time for spreading joy and making cherished moments. If you’re considering stocking fillers, these gift ideas can add a special touch. Not only do they enhance safety and style, but they also reflect your care for your loved ones.

As you prepare to fill those stockings, remember that it’s the little things that often bring the most cheer during this magical time of the year!

Looking for something even bigger? Why not consider gifting a bike? Discover Bobbin’s diverse range of bicycles suitable for all ages and skill levels. And don’t forget to explore our Bobbin helmets and bike parts for enhanced safety.

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