15 Child-Friendly Cycle Routes In Northumberland

15 Child-Friendly Cycle Routes In Northumberland

Northumberland is a part of the world you won’t want to miss out on. Grab your coat, bike and helmet and head off on the cycling trip of your lifetime.

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Northumberland coast - This route follows Hadrian’s Wall, travelling from one beach to another, you’ll see some great views on this trip.

Kielder Forest
 - Taking you through plenty of scenery and views, this path will take you to the Scottish border, helping you experience all there is to see.

Reivers Route
 - Taking you on and off-road, this route will take you 60 miles through Northumberland.

Cheviot Hills
 - Great for older families, this route will take you atop hills and let you experience views as you’ve never imagined.

Derwent Reservoir Walk 
- This is a 10-mile bike ride you can enjoy with your family, experiencing a calm day out in the summer sun or autumn breeze.

Watergate Forest Park
 - This forest offers a great amount of waterside scenery and easy cycle paths, perfect for young kids.

Newburn Riverside
 - Popular amongst other cyclists, this path is great for an easy cycling trip with kids.

Kielder Dam
- This loop is in the very heart of Kielder Forest. It's a shorter route, not touching the Scottish border unlike the one above. It's 25 miles long and would take around 3 hours to complete.

Freya's Cabin Loop from Bellingham
- Another great loop in Kielder Forest. This time, you'll be cycling 45 miles which would take you around 6 hours to complete.

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Open Road 


The Pennine Cycleway - This 335-mile long route is great if you’re wanting to see the sights and experience all there is in Northumberland.

Rising Sun Cycle Route
 - This journey will see you start at the past rising sun farm and lead you into Tynemouth! Great for a family ride away from home.

Wallsend Dene Cycle Route
 - You’ll be able to see the best of North Tyneside with this path, full of history and the past.

Newcastle Town Moor Loop
 - This route is 4.5 miles long and great for some sightseeing with your family.

Wylam Bridge Loop from Wylam
- This loop takes you from the outskirts and into the heart of Newcastle. It's 21 miles long and would take you around 2 hours to complete.

Tynemouth Castle Loop from Cramlington
- This is another great loop that would take you into the very centre of Newcastle. Along the way, you'll see gorgeous scenery and fantastic views. It's 37 miles long and would take 4 hours to complete.

Warkworth Castle Loop from Cramlington
- This ride is tougher than most others here. It's 65 miles long and would take you around 6 hours to complete. It's suitable for all skill levels but endurance is key.


These are some great options for you all to enjoy! Why not grab your bike and head off on another fantastic cycling route. You could choose Liverpool, Cornwall or maybe even London!

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