10 Child-Friendly Cycle Routes In Northumberland

10 Child-Friendly Cycle Routes In Northumberland

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Northumberland is a part of the world you won’t want to miss out on. Grab your coat, bike and helmet and head off on the cycling trip of your lifetime.

Off Road


  • Northumberland coast - This route follows Hadrian’s Wall, travelling from one beach to another, you’ll see some great views on this trip.
  • Kielder Forest - Taking you through plenty of scenery and views, this path will take you to the Scottish border, helping you experience all there is to see.
  • Reivers Route - Taking you on and off-road, this route will take you 60 miles through Northumberland.
  • Cheviot Hills - Great for older families, this route will take you atop hills and let you experience views as you’ve never imagined.
  • Derwent Reservoir Walk - This is a 10-mile bike ride you can enjoy with your family, experiencing a calm day out in the summer sun or autumn breeze.
  • Watergate Forest Park - This forest offers a great amount of waterside scenery and easy cycle paths, perfect for young kids.
  • Newburn Riverside - Popular amongst other cyclists, this path is great for an easy cycling trip with kids.

Open Road 

  • The Pennine Cycleway - This 335-mile long route is great if you’re wanting to see the sights and experience all there is in Northumberland.
  • Rising Sun Cycle Route - This journey will see you start at the past rising sun farm and lead you into Tynemouth! Great for a family ride away from home.
  • Wallsend Dene Cycle Route - You’ll be able to see the best of North Tyneside with this path, full of history and the past.
  • Newcastle Town Moor Loop - This route is 4.5 miles long and great for some sightseeing with your family.

These are some great options for you all to enjoy!

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