10 Child-Friendly Bike Rides In Cornwall

10 Child-Friendly Bike Rides In Cornwall

Cornwall is a beautiful part of the country, full of sandy beaches, idyllic forests and beautiful trails, perfect for family outings cycling through this part of the country!

Gravel Trail

  • Goss Moor Cycle Trail - This 7-mile long trail is perfect if you’re wanting to learn some history about Cornwall!
  • Seaton Valley Countryside Park - This path is a short 2 miles long and perfect for a family day out. Grab your bike, and some snacks and take your family into nature.
  • The Clay Trails - This family-friendly trail is ideal if you’re wanting a short cycling trip!
  • The Camel Trail - This historic line is great if your family day out is surrounded by learning and growing!
  • The Penrose Estate trail - This trail is great for cycling, walking and taking in the beautiful scenery.
  • The Cornish Way - This route is perfect for experienced cyclists looking for a challenge. 

Forest Trail

  • Tamar Trails - Hire a bike and head off on this 25KM dedicated cycling trail!
  • Cardinham Woods - These woods in central Cornwall are perfect for all seasons!

Beach-side Route

  • Loe Bar - This waterside route is a great choice for those hot summer months!
  • The Coast to Coast Route - This 11 Mile long route is ideal for experienced riders and older kids!

Now all you have to do is grab your helmet and set off on an adventure! There are also some great places to visit across the UK after Cornwall such as London!

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