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We think Bobbin bikes for kids and adults are pretty awesome. So it's always good to see that we're not the only ones!

Check out loads of cool features on Bobbin - like when Caroline Flack appeared on the front of Cosmopolitan magazine on a Bobbin bicycle. Or when Louise Thompson from Made In Chelsea sped past on one in Women's Health! 

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TV presenter Caroline Flack was spotted on the front cover of an issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. 

At the same time Louise Thompson of Made In Chelsea fame was seen getting fitter and feeling happier in Women's Health on another Bobbin bike.

What a week!


Living Etc

Living Etc is just the bees knees. One day I swear I'll own a house worthy of a feature in this gorgeous magazine! But in the meantime, here’s a Living Etc feature on mint colour bikes and, of course a Bobbin is right in the middle.

Credit: Living Etc.

Corriere Della Sera

Italian-style Bible Corriere Della Sera have got the London look down pat in this gents fashion story set around our local streets of Shoreditch. This Gentleman’s bike of choice is our very own steel town bike the Bobbin Beat. Comes in gloss black – the new black.

Credit: Corriere Della Sera

Tank Magazine

Tank magazine borrowed one of our original Dutch bikes when we first started out. This black and white image is so mod, so cool.

Credit: Tank Magazine

Conde Nast Brides

Two Bridesmaids on Bobbin Bikes?” you say? YES. And it’s in Conde Nast. And this isn’t even the first time Bobbin bikes have been used or suggested as props in Weddings. Take note! It’s a thing!

Credit: Conde Nast

DT Magazine

It's really exciting for us to be interviewed as the founders of Bobbin. Lots of bike brands are big faceless corporations. Not Bobbin.

We've built up the business from a tiny shop and we’re really passionate about our bikes and customers. And to do this for Spanish magazine is double-cool! Maybe someone will recognise us when we next go to Barcelona...

Credit: DT Magazine

Now Toronto

A local listings paper in Toronto city featured a Bobbin bike in their Christmas edition. Cute.

Credit: Now Toronto


The lovely folk at East Sussex-based Woolovers have been testing out some Bobbin bikes in their new catalogue.

Look at that toasty cardie – perfect for those evening rides picking berries from the hedgerows!

Credit: Woolovers


Jigsaw did a super-cool bike giveaway and a lovely feature on Bobbin Bicycles in their beautiful in-store magazine and blog.

Credit: Jigsaw


Kinfolk used a Bobbin Birdie in their campaign! How gorgeous does this lady look, cruising through the streets with her backpack and cosy sweater?

Credit: Kinfolk

Bicycle Retailer

A lovely piece about Bobbin in Bicycle Retailer.

Credit: Bicycle Retailer

Red Magazine

One from the archive, it’s Red magazine with an upright classic - the Bobbin Glorie in gloss red.

Credit: Red Magazine

Amelia's Magazine

See our other posts over at Amelia’s magazine. They're a long-treasured friend of Bobbin. In the early days of our business we worked with them on a bicycle-themed fashion shoot. You can even see Tom! They supplied a pink jumper, and Tom being Tom, he just made it look cool.

Credit: Amelia's Magazine

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair gave us a nice little feature on our special edition Dip Dye bike. This model is so gorgeous - it looks like a crocus flower. If you’re feeling brave, this bike will turn heads with its two tone yellow and white paint finish.

Credit: Vanity Fair


So nice of Net-a-Porter to feature a Bobbin bike in this spread!

Credit: Net-A-Porter

Bobbin Bikes In Teen Tatler Magazine

Check out these gorgeous posh kids having a blast on a Bobbin bike for Tatler magazine.

Maybe boarding school isn’t so bad after all! I just hope they’ve not been on ‘the sauce’ before going for a cycle.

Credit: Teen Tatler

Sport Sister

Check out our cool bells in Sport Sister

Credit: Sport Sister

Look Magazine

Look magazine used a gorgeous red Bobbin bike in a Christmas-style spread. It’s a fun idea, but did they over-cook it with the massive sexy heels and glittery bustier? Get that girl a coat and scarf, before she catches a cold!!!

Credit: Look Magazine

Gardens Illustrated

Gardens Illustrated is the kind of magazine you might find on a coffee table at a Country House hotel. Sink into a giant plaid sofa and fantasise about Jane Austen, Golden Retrievers and yes - a bicycle picnic.

Here’s a Bobbin Birdie presented as the perfect picnic companion. Who needs mates? It’s just you and your Bobbin hanging out under a tree in rural England.

Credit: Gardens Illustrated


Clemence Poesy was kind enough to illustrate a common Bobbin fantasy for us in Glamour magazine. And she nailed it: Bobbin bike and basket? TICK. Bunch of roses? TICK. Two vintage hat boxes carrying various essential items? TICK.

Artfully tousled hair and cute, not too sexy but a very sexy daytime ensemble? TICK. Top marks for cyclechic Clemence!

Credit: Glamour Magazine

La Razon

La Razon in Spain featured our lovely Bobbin Birdie.

Credit: La Razon

Glamour Deutsch

"Mit dem fallen Sie auf und im Strasenverkehr gesehen zu warden ist doch das ziel - der Gold Helmet (gibt’s auch in Chrom) von Bobbin."

Or for us English-speakers:

"You'll stand out with it and the goal is to be seen on the road - the Gold Helmet (also available in chrome) from Bobbin".

So check out our bike helmets or more content from Germany.

Credit: Glamour Magazine

Country Living

From the archive, Country Living featured a lovely red Bobbin upright bike.

Credit: Country Living


This feature is in Elle Finland believe it or not! I think the Finns must be partial to a bit of Leopard print. This special edition Bobbin Birdie bike is fierce. Check it out below:

Credit: Elle

The Week

The Week features our lovely Gingersnap bike below:

Credit: The Week

Elle Again - The Green & Spring Birdie bike

Elle feature our Green & Spring Birdie bike, which Amy Lawrenson says is “the most wondrous limited edition bicycle I have ever set eyes on”.

Credit: Elle

Bobbin in Elle Magazine

Three's a charm! Elle spread featuring the latest frocks from Erdem accessorised with a Bobbin Bramble (what else!).


Credit: Elle

Elle Magazine

And again! This is a feature in Elle from the archive. Pea Green traditional bikes were having a moment that year!

Credit: Elle

Velo City So Glossy

From Femme Actuelle 06/16: “Velo city so glossy. La marque londonienne présente son modéle printanier. On craque pour son coloris et son look retro qui donne envie de pédaler. Epuré avec ses trois vitesses pour se faufiler partout, il symbolise le nouveau plaisir de se déplacer en ville. Et à nous less belles gambettes fuselées!”


"Velo city so glossy. The London brand presents its spring model. We love its color and its retro look that makes you want to pedal. Sleek with its three speeds to get around, it symbolises the new pleasure of getting around town. And to us the beautiful tapered legs!"

Credit: Femme Actuelle

Amelia's Magazine Shoot

Back when we started out we worked with Amelia's magazine stylists and this was a fashion shoot featuring our bikes.

Credit: Amelia's Magazine


Wallpaper feature our gold helmet, proving it is the coolest cycle helmet in the world. Fact.

Credit: Wallpaper

Bicycle Buyer

From the archive: Bicycle Buyer write a review of our Dutch bike and say we are ‘renowned’ to say the least. Nice!

Credit: Bicycle Buyers

Marie Claire Recommends Gingersnap!

Here's Marie Claire recommending our Gingersnap bike!

Credit: Marie Claire

Good Housekeeping

This is a Good Housekeeping article from the archive about our Dutch bikes.

Credit: Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping On The Bobbin Blackbird

Good Housekeeping wrote a little piece about the Bobbin Blackbird. Sian from Bobbin even rides this bike around London!

Credit: Good Housekeeping


We’ve had a few articles in Momentum over the years. They are our pals and we love their magazine. It’s a go-to for all city cyclists

Check out their review of the Bobbin Birdie. And say what else they've got to say about us.

Credit: Momentum

Luxe Woman

Velo Culture in Portugal are an amazing bike boutique. They sent us this photo of Luxe Woman, a super stylish magazine with a little feature on the Bobbin Birdie bike.

Credit: Luxe Woman

Deliciously Ella

We were over to moon when Ella Woodward featured her Bobbin Birdie in a full page spread in her latest Deliciously Ella book!

Credit: Deliciously Ella


Vogue did a funny flip thing with a Bobbin bike photo but who cares because it’s VOGUE and it's the perfect look if it's in Vogue! 

This bike caught their eye (of course). It’s the Bobbin Birdie in Watermelon colour - an eye-popping pink and green fade. There are a few of these locked up around London and their riders feel like members of an exclusive bike gang.

Credit: Vogue

Easy Living

Check out this little Easy Living article from the archive. Back at the peak of the Pea Green bike frenzy of 2010-11!

Credit: Easy Living


Glossy mag Psychologies feature adult cycle training and tell readers to “look elegant everywhere on a handsome upright Bobbin Bicycle.” Thanks!

Credit: Psychologies

El Mundo

El Mundo featured the Bobbin Birdie, check it out:

Credit: El Mundo

Conde Nast Traveller

Conde Nast talked about the London bike scene, helmets, what’s hot, and how fashion is influencing cycling. A Bobbin bike and Bobbin Gold helmet are even name-checked. Thanks Conde Nast!

Credit: Conde Nast

One Spain

One Magazine in Spain ran a feature on the story of Bobbin starting in a little London bike workshop and blossoming into the beautiful orchid it is today.

Credit: One Magazine

Grazia Daily

Here’s a little feature in Grazia about our Birdie bike. The bike of choice for stylish ladies about town.

Credit: Grazia


Alexa Chung and the Bobbin Birdie bike in yellow are both featured in this Grazia article about preppy cycling.

Credit: Grazia

The Bobbin Fold (Appearing In GQ)

Our lovely Fold bike appears in GQ magazine.

Credit: GQ Magazine


In our first range of bikes we made a little 1960’s style shopping bike. It was like a little sweetie! People ask us about it…so we might be planning the return of the small wheel Bobbin.

Here is a feature in Company magazine featuring the Bobbin Shopper in pale blue with white tyres. A traditional bike, yet so cute!

Credit: Company Magazine 


Joules feature Bobbin Bicycles in their world of patterned wellies, rolling pins and vintage camping. Sweet!

Credit: Joules

Japan Loves Bicycles

Japan loves Bobbin! Just check out this feature spread.

Time Out

Time out feature our Bobbin gold helmet. “Keep your style and head intact with these metallic helmets. Apparently silver works well for blondes and gold is better for brunettes. Gingers: who knows?”

Note: Bobbin is pleased to report that in 2015 we introduced a third colour – Bronze – specifically for red heads! 

And we've got load more colours of bikes helmets right here.

Credit: Time Out

Good Homes

Good Homes magazine is another great mag for daydreaming. Here’s another one for the album Bobbin Cycle Picnic Ideas.

Credit: Good Homes

Good Homes - Bobbin Dutch Bikes

This is a Good Homes article from the archive about our Dutch bikes. Upright. Sturdy. Brightly coloured. The basis for all our bikes!

Credit: Good Homes

Woman Spain

Tom and Sian were hanging out in a groovy 1970’s hotel in Lanzarote, Spain. And, flicking through a magazine, were delighted to find the Bobbin Noodle recommended as the urban hipster bike of choice by Woman magazine! 

We cracked open the Cava and imagined, for a moment that we were King and Queen of the world. – Sian

Credit: Woman Magazine

S Magazine

S magazine loves our Green & Spring special edition Birdie bike.

Credit: S Magazine


Tatler magazine loves the special Birdie bike we made for Green & Spring:

Credit: Tatler

Whew! That's just a taste of some of the awesome publications that have shouted from the rooftops about Bobbin over the years. Check back for more or let us know what you think.

Featured a Bobbin product in your magazine? Then get in touch today to see how we can work together.

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