The Best Spots For Cycling Training In London

The Best Spots For Cycling Training In London

London offers numerous spots to satisfy your cycling cravings. Check out our best five picks worth pedalling for your next solo or family bike ride!

1. Herne Hill Velodrome

Herne Hill Velodrome


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Herne Hill Velodrome is a multi-use cycling centre in Dulwich, South London. Cyclists of all levels can enjoy the 450m banked track, games area, mountain biking (MTB) and cyclocross facilities. It offers the perfect getaway for both solo riders and families looking for fun activities that involve pedalling.

Take advantage of the open-air velodrome, various cycling tracks and facilities they have. This is a great way to encourage your children (or even parents) to be more active, even if cycling isn’t their sport.

Did you know? Many have attended its tracks, including Olympic winners Bradley Wiggins and Laura Kenny.

2. Richmond Park

Richmond Park

(Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Richmond Park is a well-known cycling hot spot in London. Although cycling is permitted only on the tarmac roads inside this park, it’s one of the better and more scenic routes if you want to start training. Not to mention, the park is also free to access! You might even encounter deer, plenty of birds, and other species while cycling around. It’s ideal for nature enthusiasts or those seeking the perfect way to start their mornings.

3. Lee Valley VeloPark

Lee Valley VeloPark


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In 2012, London hosted the Olympic Games, which led to the construction of the Lee Valley Velopark, designed explicitly for cycling competitions. Following the conclusion of the games, the Velopark opened its doors to the public. Cycling enthusiasts of all levels are welcome to train there!

The park is in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park near Stratford in East London. The facility offers the iconic velodrome cycling track, racing on the road circuit, BMX tracks, and more. What’s more, there’s VeloStudio for fitness and training and sessions for children to learn to ride a bike.

Simply sign up for their free online membership, with payment necessary for each session for access.

4. Redbridge Cycling Centre


Redbridge Cycling Centre

(Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Redbridge Cycling Centre caters to cyclists of all abilities, from families to competitive riders. It offers purpose-built road, BMX, and off-road tracks, as well as a large selection of hire bikes. Cycling coaching is available for both groups and individuals.

If you’re short on time or like to get everything done in the same space, this is the ideal location for you. It’s also perfect for younger cyclists looking to get into the sport early. With various courses and tracks available, the venue is best to introduce your children to the world of cycling.

The centre operates from 9:00 to 17:00, with the last entry for the cycling tracks at 16:00 and the last bike hire at 15:00. The lowest price available for this venue is £2, while the highest goes up to £14.50, depending on the service you’re looking for and the participant’s age. 

Now that you’re well-informed about cycling spots in London, why not secure the perfect bike for your training? We offer a variety of Bobbin bikes suitable for all age ranges, along with bike accessories to enhance safety.

Should you have any questions, contact us or call our team at 01909 768840. Up next on your reading list: The 6 Best North London Cycle Routes

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