15 Best City Bike Rides In The UK

15 Best City Bike Rides In The UK

Although it might be daunting, there are so many great cities in the UK just waiting for you to cycle through, below are 15 of the best cities to ride your bike through!


London - Although there’s plenty of traffic, in London you won’t need a bike to ride in the capital. You can rent a bike almost anywhere in London and cycle around, there are plenty of other cyclists throughout the streets of London.

Bristol - This city is great if you’re someone who wants or needs their bike repaired frequently. Bristol has plenty of repair shops and bike shops alike. Here, you'll find a mixture of busy and quiet roads.

Nottingham - This city has the UK’s first-ever cycle superhighway, this is a set of dedicated off-road cycle lanes for cyclists to use. Great for families and commuters!

Leeds - Leeds is making plenty of progress when it comes to cycling, they hosted the inaugural stage of the Tour De France in 2014 and have since seen an increase in cycling popularity.

Manchester - This beautiful city is one of the most popular cycling destinations in the UK, grab your bike and head off on your daily commute or bike ride in Manchester.


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Glasgow - Just like Bristol, Glasgow is great for cycling shops, you’ll be able to have your bike repaired in no time if this is your desired destination. Plus, there are some fantastic cycling routes here!

Oxford - Just outside of London you’ll find the gorgeous city of Oxford. Here, the popularity of cycling rose around 5 years ago meaning you’ll be making your trip with plenty of other cyclists.

Newcastle - Safe roads are what every cyclist wants and needs. Newcastle hold very few potholes so if this is a priority for you then head off to Newcastle! Try using a lightweight bike like a road bike on these cycle routes and road routes.

Sunderland - Just like Newcastle, you’re going to find road repairs are taken up quickly with few potholes on the roads. There are plenty of tarmac-covered cycle paths here making it perfect for kids on balance bikes.

Liverpool - Here, you’ll find plenty of cycle-safe routes for yourself and your family to ride down as you explore all the city has to offer. Venture into the city using one of the many bike routes Liverpool offers and see the sights!




Cambridge - Just outside of London, this city is fantastic for cyclists and those wanting to take to their bikes and see the sights. You can partake in family cycling here as well as any type of cycling event.

Liverpool - This beautiful city is popular amongst cyclists, it’s right next to Wales and you’re able to cycle to the welsh countryside from Liverpool city.

- The Welsh countryside is a gorgeous place to visit, not far from there, you’ll find a bustling city centre, great for cyclists!

- Based in Yorkshire, this gorgeous city is great for cycling trips. Plus, you can admire all of the beautiful historic buildings! York has some fantastic national parks as well if you're wanting a mix of urban routes and countryside views.

- Based in Norfolk county, this fantastic city offers gorgeous views and wonderful scenery whilst still being in a city.


Those are our 10 great cities to cycle through! Don’t forget your helmet and head off on the trip of a lifetime. Why not venture into a beautiful part of the country to cycle in as well such as Brighton or Cornwall!

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