Best Bikes For a 7 Year Old

Best Bikes For a 7 Year Old

Choosing a bike for an older child can still be an exciting task! It’ll be even more exciting for your kids since this time, they can choose their first kids bike, plus any added extras. Below, we have a wide range of bikes for 7 yeas olds. We’ve also included some must-have accessories you just won’t want to miss out on.

We have a vast selection of lightweight bikes for 7-year-olds available. From balance bikes to a bike with stabilisers and even larger bikes, everything is super easy to move and ride. We've also made it easy to find your kids the correct size bike with links and guides included so you'll be able to find the right bike fit for you and your kids today! The typical 7 year old would usually need a 16" wheel bike, 20" wheel bike or a 24" wheel bike. You can use our bike sizing quiz to find out what size would work for your child. 

(Gingersnap 20")

Best bikes

We of course have to dive right in and get straight into some fantastic range of kids bikes your kids will absolutely love. Our selection of kids bikes come in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes, meaning you’re bound to find your perfect bike below.

If you’re unsure of the size your child needs, we have a handy size guide on each product to help you choose. Just measure the inseam and take their leg measurements, this will give you their standover height, giving a good guide on which bike would suit them best!

All of these bikes below are pedal bikes, meaning they're perfect for kids who know how to ride a bike. If your child isn't yet familiar with riding a bike, we have stabilisers available to add on. All of the bikes below are 'road bikes' which is what people normally know as a 'normal bike'.

(Gingersnap 20")  

Gingersnap 20” Wheel

An incredibly popular bike is the Gingersnap 20” Wheel bike. This bike comes in a wide range of modern and popping colours, enhanced by the light brown and cream tones of the wheels, seat and handlebars.

This bike comes with a super handy kickstand so your kids can stand their bike up without leaning it against anything. Plus, you’ll also have a vegan leather saddle, a shiny silver bell and a fantastic wicker basket to carry all of your belongings in!

(Gingersnap 16")

Brownie Junior 20” Wheel

This limited edition Brownie Junior 20” Wheel bike is great if you’re looking for something more traditional. This bike comes in two earthy tones, with wonderful cream tyres and brown handlebars made of vegan leather. You’ll also get a wicker basket and a lightweight frame with this purchase!

(Gingersnap 16")

Gingersnap 24” Wheel

The largest of our gingersnap range is the Gingersnap 24” Wheel bike. This size also comes in three modern and bright colours, along with a lightweight frame, vegan leather on the seat and handlebars and of course, a wonderful wicker basket.

If you’re looking for a bike that has everything in one purchase, then this bike is the perfect bike for you and your kids!


(Gingersnap 20")


How about some great accessories?! We couldn’t leave it there without adding in some great accessories to enhance your new kids' bike! Below, we have some super handy accessories that are fun and practical for your kids to enjoy. 

We also have an extensive range of accessories for adult bikes too, making road riding easy no matter if you have smaller wheels, larger wheels or no pedals at all! Perfect no matter what sized bike you have.


(Gingersnap 16")

Handlebar Tassels

If your kids love to stand out from the crowd, then these handlebar tassels are a perfect choice. Your kids will be able to ride their bikes, whilst the wind allows the tassels to leave a trail of colour behind them.

These handlebar tassels come in three bright and fun colours, so no matter your kids’ preferred choice, they’re bound to find a set they love!

(Gingersnap 20")

Button Bike Light

Safety is key, so adding a set of bike lights to their bike frame is super important! As we creep into the winter months, the evenings are getting darker and soon enough, they’ll be riding their bikes home from school just after the sun sets.

Our Button Bike Light Set comes in a range of three pastel colours, attaching without tools to the front and back of the bike.


(Gingersnap Balance)

Kids Bike Lock

Last but not least, we have a kid's bike lock. Our kid's bike locks come in two popular colours, meaning they’re always going to be able to find their bike in the school bike shed or outside of the shop.

There’s also no excuse to forget their bike lock when it’s in such a vibrant and stand-out colour! They’ll be able to keep their bike safe every time they ride it, giving you and them, peace of mind.

Perfect Fit

Now you’re all clued up on the best bikes (and accessories) we have for kids around the age of 7, and 20 inch bikes in particular,  all you need to do is grab yourself everything you want! Soon enough, it’ll be in your home and ready to use! Take a look at our collection of bikes for 5-8-year-olds or our collection and bikes for 7-11-year-olds.

To go one younger, find the best bikes for 6 year olds right here.

Or explore all of our best bike by age guides here!

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