Best Bikes For 5 Year Olds

Best Bikes For 5 Year Olds

Below, you’re going to find the best bikes we have to offer for 5 year olds, as well as some handy accessories they’ll need with their new bike! Click here to shop bikes for kids.

Best bikes

Now for the fun part! Below, we have the best bikes we have to offer for a bike for 5 year olds. It's important to make sure you’ve taken your child's leg measurement, this will determine the size of bike they’ll need. 5 years old is a great time to transition from a balance bike to a pedal bike. 

We have a wide range of kids' lightweight bikes to suit all children, coming in a variety of wheel size and lightweight frames to make it easy for a child to ride their bike. The perfect size for a 5 year old ranges between a kids bike with 16-inch wheel bikes and 20-inch wheels so make sure to use our size guide to check what wheel size your child will need. You can take our kids bike sizing quiz to find the perfect size bike for your little one. You can shop by age on our website, click here to find bikes for ages 4-6 year olds or bikes for 5-8 year olds


(Gingersnap 20")

Gingersnap 16” Wheel

The Gingersnap 16" wheel bike vintage kids bike is a popular bike amongst kids and adults alike. This bike ranges in sizes all the way from a balance bike to an adult bike, so if you're wanting to match with your kids, then you can! This bike is available in three popping and modern colours, there's also an adjustable seat so your child can have the perfect seat height for them!

This high-quality bike comes with cream front and rear wheels and beautiful brown handlebars and saddle, all complimenting the modern bike colour. There are 20-inch wheels available, but depending on your child's height, 16-inch wheels might also fit them well!

(Gingersnap 12") 

Brownie Junior 16” Wheel

The perfect bike is just around the corner with the Brownie Junior with 16-inch wheels is a perfect stabiliser bike. This bike comes in two traditional colours of green and brown, matching the vibe of a traditional bike perfectly. To top this off, there are also curved handlebars to help support an upright position. 

Remember to take your child's inseam measurements before choosing which bike you want, the sizing is important. When they stand, they need to be able to place their feet flat on the ground, this is known as the standover height. 

The perfect size for a 5 year old ranges between a kids bike with 12-inch wheel bikes, 16 inch wheel bikes and 20-inch wheel bikes, luckily this bike comes in those sizes! Click here to browse our bike for 5 year olds.

(Gingersnap 20") 

Skylark 16” Wheel

Coming in three fun but traditional colours, the Skylark 16" Wheel is perfect for your child. This bike has the ability to attach stabilisers if your child isn't a fully comfortable rider yet. It's also not a heavy bike, meaning it's great for a child who's just learning how to ride.

There's a padded seat, allowing for a smooth ride. This is also a great time to get your kids used to road riding, start slow, maybe get them to ride to and from school if you're close enough!


(Gingersnap 20")

Moonbug 16” Wheel

If your child is still unsure about how to ride a bike, the Moonbug 16-inch wheel bike is ideal. This bike comes in three vibrant colours along with stabilisers included. This means you won't need to purchase stabilisers as an added extra!

This bike has a gorgeous frame design, with the bike chain covered to ensure it doesn't get damaged as your child rides their bike. You can of course also add some fun kids bike accessories to give a little bit extra to your child's bike!

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To enhance your kids’ excitement with their new bike, grab them some super handy bike kids bike accessories that won’t just get them excited, but will also keep them safe. We have some fantastic accessories, including helmets, stabilisers and more!


(Gingersnap 12")

Bike Bell

It’s always important to make sure your child knows how to stay safe on the road. Make sure they’re seen and heard on the road by grabbing them a bell to add to their bike. We have some fun and colourful bike bells to offer, perfect for kids no matter their favourite colours!


(Bike Basket)


It’s always fun to add a pop of colour to your child's bike. Why not add some handlebar tassels too?! This way, as they ride, the tassels will blow in the wind with an abundance of colour flying alongside them as they ride.


(Bike Basket)


Just like they need to be heard with a bike bell, make sure your child is seen with a bike light. We have some great bike lights to offer, coming in a range of colours on the outside. Add them to your child's bike at the front and back and keep them safe on the road!

Now you have the perfect bike with some great accessories for your kids, all you need to do is hit the checkout button! Soon enough, your kids will be eager to get out on their new bikes!

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