Best Bikes For a 4 Year Old

Best Bikes For a 4 Year Old

Choosing a new bike for your child is an exciting experience, but it’s not always easy knowing where to start. Below, we’re going to delve into the best bikes for 4-year-old children, plus we’ll add in some fantastic added extras along the way.

We're here to make the transition from balance bike to road bike super easy! We have bike size charts available on each bike you take a look at and soon enough, you'll find the most amazing bike! 

The perfect bike size for a 4 year old ranges between a kids bike with 12-inch kids bikes and 16-inch kids bikes so make sure to use our size guide to check what wheel size your child will need. You can take our kids bike sizing quiz to find the perfect size bike for your little one. 


(Gingersnap 12")

Best Bikes

From balance bikes to pedal bikes, choosing the right bike for your child is bound to be both daunting and exciting. We have a wide range of lightweight bikes, perfect for kids who are transitioning from a 12 inch balance bike into kids' bikes. Click here to shop balance bikes for 4 year olds.

The perfect bike is just around the corner, when you're choosing a new bike for your child, wheel size is important. You can go from 12" wheel kids bikes to 16" wheel kids bikes, although it's key to check their leg measurements first. Soon enough, you'll have a fantastic new quality bike for your child!

Skylark 12” Wheel

The Skylark 12” is made for kids who’ve started riding their bikes already and have taken to it like a pro! This bike comes without stabilisers, coming in 2 beautiful rich colours of blue and orange.

Stabilisers are available to be added to this bike, but it’s great for children who no longer need them!


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Brownie Junior 16" Wheel

The Brownie Junior 16” bike comes in two fun and traditional colours, accented by beautiful brown handlebars and cream wheels. This bike comes with stabilisers since a lot of younger children can’t yet ride a bike on their own.

(Gingersnap 16") 

Gingersnap 16" Wheel

The Gingersnap range is a popular style of bike. The Gingersnap comes in five popping and modern colours, perfect if you want a bike that’ll stand out from the crows. It also comes with stabilisers so your child can ride with ease.


(Gingersnap 12")

Moonbug 16" Wheel

The Moonbug 16” bike comes in three bright and fun colours with matching stabilisers. All of this is perfectly accented by the beautiful traditional brown handlebars in vegan leather and cream wheels.

They're all of the bikes we have ideal for 4 year olds. Choosing the right type of bike for your kids is dependent on their age, size and leg measurements. All of our bikes come with an adjustable seat, meaning your kids will be able to use both the maximum and minimum seat height available. This means they'll be able to keep a comfortable upright position. 

Once your kids get used to a balance bike and then a road bike, they'll soon enough be able to advance to a mountain bike and of course an adult bike as they get older. Choosing the right bike size is a task we've made easy for you!


Best Accessories

Kids bike accessories are maybe the most exciting part of choosing a new bike. Choosing a new helmet, water bottle, handlebar tassels and more is going to make your child want to ride their bike even more! Soon enough, they'll be eager to get on a fun and exciting biking journey.

(Kids Bike Basket)


If you’re wanting your child to get used to carrying their own belongings, then a basket is ideal. They’ll be able to carry their belongings to and from school, plus any items they’ve gathered whilst shopping.

We have some great traditional style wicker baskets that add a wonderful touch to the bike, whilst also being weatherproof.


(Kids Bikes)


It’s so important to make sure your kids are visible, especially since we’re soon going to be travelling home in the dark. Add a colourful bike light to your child's bike and help them understand the importance of visibility on the roads.

(Metric Bike Helmet)


Of course, we can’t forget to add in a helmet. Wearing a helmet is the key to road safety! Keep your kids safe with a colourful, fun and tough kids bike helmet. With various colours and patterns available, they’ll have fun choosing their favourite and then be excited to wear it!

Now you should be all clued up on the best bikes we have to offer for 4 year olds. With some fantastic added extras, you’re bound to find the right items for you. All you need to do now is make a purchase and get cycling. Ready to shop? Browse our range of Toddler Balance BikesBikes For Kids Age 2-416" wheel kids or bikes for 4 to 6 year oldsGo older or younger on the same theme with our Best Bikes for 5 Year Olds, or our Best Bike for 3 Year Old guides.

Alternatively, explore our guide for Bikes for Children of all ages by clicking that link!

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