Adult Size Guide

Size Guide: Adult Bikes

Rider heights are given as a guide only. Everyone has different length legs, regardless of height. We strongly recommend measuring the inside leg before choosing the size! Please see the specific bike product pages for more detailed sizing information.



Inside Leg

Rider Height


Frame S/M

76cm - 91cm

167.5 - 178cm

Frame M/L

81cm - 101cm

175 - 190cm


Frame 46cm

67cm - 81cm

160cm - 170cm

Brownie 7 (2020)

Frame S/M (40cm)

67cm - 86cm

160cm - 170cm

Frame M/L (52cm)

76cm - 96cm

167.5cm - 178cm


One size

51cm - 86cm

152cm - 192cm

Hummingbird (2020)

Frame S/M (43cm)

67cm - 86cm

160cm - 170cm

Daytripper (2020)

Frame 52cm

79cm - 99cm

170cm - 181cm