What Is a Kid's Vintage Bike?

What Is a Kid's Vintage Bike?

Choosing the perfect kids bike can sometimes be a daunting task. With so many different styles of bikes to choose from, how do you know which is the perfect bike for your child?

The first step is figuring out which style is the best for your child. There are modern bikes, traditional bikes, retro bikes and many more that might catch your eye.

In the post below, you’re going to find out everything you need to know about vintage kids bikes.

A tricycle and a balance bike with basket will both we have here and we’re going to help you decide which is perfect for you and your child. 

Kids Bikes

If you’re looking for a kids bike then you’re not going to be short of any options! We have a wide range of kids bikes and balance bikes suitable for all ages and in a range of fun colours that add a modern twist.

Just as you would with adult bikes, all you have to do is find the right size of bike for your child and you’re free to choose the perfect bike for you and your child!

Your child needs to first learn about how to ride a bike safely, and be able to have a comfortable ride on a quality bike (like ours!

 Gingersnap duck egg blue

Vintage Kids Bike

If you’re looking for a bike that’s more traditional or vintage style, then try getting your child a bike in colours such as blue or green. 

Adding a bike basket onto the front can add a more traditional feel as well, maybe even consider adding a bell!

The traditional looking adjustable seat adds to the bikes aesthetics, allowing you to adjust to the rider height whilst still keeping up with the vintage look. A comfortable seat is important just like the adjustable seat height is! 

skylark kids bike 

Modern Kids Vintage Bike’s

A modern twist on a kids vintage bike with us is some fun and exciting colours (and maybe some accessories). 

If you’re going for a more modern look, try colours such as yellow, red or pastels. These will bring your vintage-looking bike into the 21st century!

The Gingersnap bike is the perfect example of this. With beautiful pastel colours, it brings the vintage and traditional looking bike into the modern era giving it a retro design.

 Gingersnap yellow balance bike

Toddler Bikes

If you're choosing a bike for a younger child, there's a good chance this might be their first bike... ever!

Training wheels don't need to ruin the look, keep the colours basic, matching the trim of the bike itself. This way they can partake in daily riding and focus on their riding skills, whilst you get the classic design with bags of style! 

For a classic style, try choosing colours such as black, brown, green or blue, this will give the bike a timeless design and your child can ride in style with comfort.

A tricycle and balance bike will both have a shorter distance from floor allowing a child to successfully reach the floor at such a young age, allowing them maximum comfort on a classic bike perfect for everyday travel.


Breton bike basket


Vintage Accessories

Adding accessories to bikes is part of the fun. There are endless ways to spice up your bike making it look fun and colourful, but there are also plenty of ways to add a traditional feel to your already vintage or retro-looking bike.

  • Bike bell - If you're keeping in touch with the vintage look, try adding the Ciao Bronze Bell. This bell has rustic look and keeps in line with the colour scheme of an older looking bike.
  • Wicker basket - The Wicker Kids Bike Basket is a great way to accessorise your child's bike in a subtle way. Wicker baskets are ideal for lots of riding in damp weather whilst still being practical, allowing them to carry books, toys or even a small amount of shopping home.
  • Metal basket - A metal bike basket is again, a great option for adding a vintage feel to the bike whilst the option itself still being practical. The Pannier Bike Basket is ideal for older children, allowing them to use this on their way home from school or after being out with friends.
  • Bike headlamp - A bike headlamp is one of the better options if your child will be riding in the dark or evening time. The Classic Bike Headlamp is practical and is perfect for adding a retro design to your child's bike.
  • Bike straps - If you're looking for bike straps for your basket that keeps up with the vintage look, then the Vegan Leather Basket Straps are perfect! Coming in a subtle brown colour, the vegan leather style will definitely meet your needs!
  • Handle grips - Handle grips are a must if you want a comfortable smooth ride. There's nothing worse than sore hands. The Duracork Grips are the best way to keep the traditional style whilst keeping your hands comfortable.

With all the information you could possibly need, you can now go ahead and choose your bike! Don’t forget to take a scroll through the range of kids bike accessories we have, including helmets for safety, baskets and stabilisers for younger children! We have a vast range of impressive colours, you're sure to find the ideal choice for a shorter rider, taller rider, young children and anything else you need!

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TIP: Bikes with baskets always have a more traditional and vintage look, no matter the colour of the bike!

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