Toddler Balance Bikes


Explore our extensive collection of high-quality toddler balance bikes for 2, 3 and 4 year olds. Whether your little one is a toddler or a growing child, we have the perfect balance bike options to suit their needs. With our carefully crafted designs, your child can learn to ride with confidence while having fun. Our balance bikes provide the best way to get your little toddlers riding with confidence and without stabilisers from the get-go!

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Kids & Toddlers Balance Bikes

What is a Balance Bike?

A kids balance bike has no pedals, gears, chain et cetera and is designed for helping kids and toddlers learn how to "cycle" with balance and steering before moving up. They might be the best option for your child's first bike instead of a bike with training wheels if they're a little older, bigger, and more adventurous! 

Our range of balance bikes includes toddler-friendly models that are specifically designed to be the best start bikes for your toddler. These bikes feature low seat heights, lightweight frames, and easy-to-grip handlebars, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience for even the smallest riders. Designed without any pedals or brakes, a Balance Bike is the perfect first bicycle for young children who can learn to sit and balance on a bike frame without worrying about the complications of pedalling.

Which Balance Bike for Which Age?

Start with balance bike age and use our handy kids sizing chart to measure whether this is the best option for your child. They may require a small balance bike despite being slightly older.

These models are ideal for children aged between 2 and 5.

Then, think about what features you'd like to see on your child's balance bike. For example, Bobbin is fairly unique in offering a balance bike with basket and loads of customisable accessories from our range. 

Frame, Weight, and Wheel Size

With our 12-inch wheel balance bikes; Gingersnap Balance and our Moonbug Balance models, these bikes are ideal for children aged 2-4. Check out our kids' bicycle sizing guide and consider your child's weight to see if a balance bike would be the perfect choice for them.

Then, you can even head over to our children's bicycle accessories range to customise your child’s bike with a basket, bell, tassels, and more. 

At Bobbin Bikes, we understand the importance of providing safe and reliable products for your child's first cycling adventures. That's why all our balance toddler push bikes are crafted with a focus on durability, stability, and child-friendly features. You can trust that our bikes are made to withstand the rough and tumble of learning to ride while ensuring maximum safety for your little one.

Balance Bike Colour Options?

We have both a red balance bike and a pink balance bike with basket available in the same collection! So when you've found the best balance bike for your little one, you can choose the perfect colour.

A Safe and Lightweight Infant Balance Bike

With the lightweight frames used in our balance bikes, your rider can keep their feet flat with an adjustable seat height and padded saddle. So simply pick the perfect size for your child's leg measurements and fine-tune it for comfort.

Built to our highest standards, we’ve not compromised on style or safety when it comes to our balance cycles with beautiful, vintage frames and a selection of colours to choose from with all of our models. Even comfort is accounted for with our vegan leather saddles.

Balance Bike and Helmet

Children won’t generally ride very fast on a balance bike, but they should still wear a helmet in case they manage to crash into anything or fall off.

All our balance bikes present the option to purchase it with a matching toddler’s bicycle helmet.

Top Balance Bikes From Bobbin

With features like solid tyres and a gloss paint finish, your balance bike is the perfect choice from Bobbin. Our bikes for kids aim to offer an affordable option that doesn't skimp on quality or cool.

So whether it's a bike without stabilisers or one of our budget bikes for children aged 2-4, a quality bike from Bobbin is an investment in hours of fun and smiles! And check out our handy FAQs if you have any questions.

Not sure if a balance bike is right for your child? Check out our detailed advice on children’s bicycles in our kids’ bike buying guide.

Ready to find the ideal balance bike for your child? Browse our collection now and discover the perfect fit for their first cycling experience. Let the cycling adventures begin!


What are kids' balance bikes and what are the benefits of them?

Children's balance bikes are small bicycles designed to help children learn balance and coordination before transitioning to a traditional pedal bike. They're beneficial because they provide a safe and fun way for children to develop the necessary skills for riding a bike without the use of training wheels.

Learn more about how balance bikes benefit young kids in our blog: How Do Balance Bikes Work: All You Need to Know.

What age range are kids' balance bikes suitable for?

Kids balance bikes are suitable for children as young as 18 months to 6 years old, depending on the size and weight capacity of the bike. You can browse our full range of kids bikes here.

How do I choose the right size balance bike for my child?

The best way to choose the right size balance bike for your child is to measure their inseam and choose a bike with a seat height that is about 1 inch less than their inseam measurement. It's also important to consider the weight capacity of the bike to ensure it can support your child's weight.

Are kids' balance bikes safe for children to use?

Yes, kid's balance bikes are safe for children to use. They're designed to be low to the ground and have no pedals, which reduces the risk of injury and makes them easier for children to control.

Can I purchase accessories for my child's balance bike?

Yes, there are many accessories available for kid's balance bikes, including toddler bike helmets, gloves, bells, and baskets. These accessories can help make your child's riding experience more fun and comfortable.