Bikes For Kids Age 11+


Browse our selection of kids bikes for children aged 11 years and older! It can be difficult to know which bike to buy for growing kids and teenagers, but our 26" inch wheel bikes like the Gingersnap 26 are ideal for kids who are growing up quicker than you ever expected!

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Bikes For Age 11+ and Small Adults

Bikes For All Ages and Sizes

Our bikes for the age range 11+ are quality hybrid bikes - in that they're perfect for kids or small adults. Our children's bikes range covers kids from ages 2 all the way through to their teens. But if you're looking for small bikes for adults, you're still in the right place! 

Get The Best Bike Fit

At Bobbin, we don't think in terms of girls or boys bikes, or adults or kids. What's more important is your leg measurements and finding frame and wheel sizes that suit you. So for the best bikes for short riders, you might be better looking here rather than at our adult bikes.

Bike fit is about so much more than just making sure your feet touch the ground! It's about the comfort and quality of every ride. And a 26-inch bike for ages 11+ is the perfect size to provide that for both growing kids and shorter adults alike.

Kids Bikes

At Bobbin, we sell a wide range of kids bikes from their first balance bike all the way through to pedal bikes. Each quality kids bike comes with the same attention to construction and style as our adult bikes so that junior riders get a product built with the same amount of care as adults.

But if they're ready to step up from more lightweight kids bikes designed to minimise falls when learning to ride - you might want to check out our kid's road bikes.

26 Inch Frames

These size bikes, including the Gingersnap 26-inch wheel (our largest bike in the range!), feature a solid and sturdy steel frame. Weighing in at just 19kg, the Gingersnap 26" is still one of our lightweight bikes - easily pushed, picked up, and righted if need be.

But, the increased bike weight of the larger wheels and frame makes these types of bikes perfect for cycling on roads. Road bikes like this are great for commuters and trips to the shops or to the park and round friends if intended for a child.

The riding position allows the rider to be upright and comfortable with all the luxuries of a Bobbin sprung saddle. So whether you're after 26-inch wheel kids bikes or bikes for shorter riders, let us lend a hand! 

Loads of Options

We said before that we give kids bikes the same attention to fashion as our adult range. That's why our age 11+ range comes in a range of gorgeous colour options to help you strike a pose wherever you go. 

Suits Every Type of Riding
Looking for the perfect bike for road riding, family bike rides, and even a bit of rough terrain? Road riders will love bikes like the Gingersnap 26" as much as kids who want to take their bike across the fields. Suitable for all types of cycling, a quality bike from Bobbin has all the bells and whistles to make your cycling experience enjoyable. So what are they?

High-Quality Cycling Components (Bits, Bobs, and Brakes!)

With lots of gear on offer to customise your bike with, we've also put lots of gears on your new 26-inch bike! Namely, Microshift 7 speed gears with a trigger shifter for help up those hills, making each gear change a doddle. Other components include short-reach brake levers on the "North Road style" flat handlebar and Hi-ten steel forks.

The 26" tyres come in a lovely cream to contrast with whatever colour option you pick. And this type of bike can also be fitted with a bike rack.

A 26 Inch Bike From Bobbin

With everything that quality bike shops can offer, Bobbin is your one-stop-shop for accessories, helmets, and bikes for ages 2-92! Check out our 26-inch bikes in stock for ages 11+ now.