Kids Hybrid Bikes


When it comes to buying a kids bike that can do it all, there's nothing better than a Hybrid BikeThese versatile bikes are the perfect choice for children who love to ride on a variety of terrains, from smooth roads to light off-road trails.

Great for children who love to take things off-road, our hybrid bikes come in a selection of wheel sizes from 12 inch bikes to 20 inch wheel bikes. We also have adult hybrid bikes as well for parents looking to join in on the adventure!

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Kids Hybrid and Sport Bikes

Our children's hybrid bikes are designed with a lightweight and durable frame, making them easy to handle for young riders. With a comfortable saddle, adjustable handlebars, reliable brakes, and a set of beginner gears, your child will have a comfortable and safe riding experience every time they hop on their bike.

Whether your child is just starting out on their biking journey or is a seasoned rider, our range of kids' hybrid bikes has something for everyone. If you need help choosing which bike is right for your little one, read our guide on what bike size is right for kids.

Browse our models below, including the amazing Hornet range!