Dutch Bikes


Modern Dutch bikes from Bobbin are lightweight but stable commuter hybrids that are perfect for short and stop-start journeys in urban areas.

Built for commuting, these bikes can be fitted with a bike rack for cargo or luggage and now come with modern upgrades like 7 Shimano gears and handlebar caliper breaks.

Dutch people have long since cottoned on to just how great these bikes are - so why don't you?

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More about Dutch Bicycles

This type of bicycle has been around since the 19th century and is still a super popular style. The classic low step-through frame and vintage pastel colours combined with a rack sporting a pannier is still the height of cycle chic.

Browse Bobbin's range of Dutch-style bicycles,  or click if you want to learn more about Dutch bikes.

Frames and Sizing

For the classic rear rack to hold panniers or bags, check out the Brownie 7. Or, shop for Bobbin's Birdie lightweight bike for a hybrid with a city bike.

See below for framing and sizing information.


This style of bicycle is built for comfort rather than racing. It's a bike for people who want something chic and reliable to ride around town that's built with quality parts and care.

But, the vintage look and modern components needn't fool you - Bobbin has updated the Dutch bike for the modern world. Whilst this style of bike used to feature only a rear pedal brake, our bikes now caliper handlebar breaks for responsive braking.

Plus, they now come with 7 Shimano gears to more adaptive riding.

If you want, check out the full technical specifications for the Bobbin Brownie 7 and Birdie dutch bikes here.

Dutch Style Bikes

With an estimated 23 million bicycles in the Netherlands, the "Dutch bike" is a style that's been successfully exported to the rest of the world since the mobility protests in the 1970s. And, the classic aesthetic of this style can now be complemented with a classic palette of Bobbin colours.

Riding in an Upright Position

Typically comprised of a straight down tube, and curved top tube, Dutch bikes feature a step-over or step-through frame for a low entry point. This allows riders to hop on and off or plant their feet in traffic with ease - perfect for commuting.

Combined with a closed chain guard to prevent contact, the step-through frame on this type of bike also allows for wearing long skirts, dresses (with no need for dress guards) and formal or work clothes without the fear of rips, tears, or getting dirty.

The adjustable seatpost and classic Bobbin sprung saddle also makes for a comfortable riding position.

The Perfect City Hybrid

These hybrid bikes are perfect for urban riding in areas of traffic and on largely flat routes. It's no wonder that the urban commuter culture of the Netherlands has taken the rest of the world by storm.

Dutch bikes are comfortable whilst remaining stable and sturdy. They're nice to look at and they feature a frame that allows for both comfortable regular clothes to be worn while riding, or more formal attire - all without fear of looking messy before you get to work.

Versus Road Bikes

Whilst Dutch-style bicycles do thrive in an urban environment through city centres and busy roads, they've not designed for long cross-country journeys or road racing. For that, check out the rest of our range of adult bikes.

Bobbin's Dutch Bike Range

It's a dream come true - you can now shop for real Dutch bicycles for sale outside of the Netherlands, with speedy UK delivery and a 28-day hassle-free returns window.

Get all the same services and advice you'd find in traditional bike shops with Bobbin and shop from our range featuring our new Bobbin Birdie and Brownie 7 Dutch Bike.

sizing guide

Finding the correct size bike starts with measuring the legs. Take a measuring tape, place it on the floor inside the leg and measure upwards. Now check the chart below.



Inside Leg

Rider Height

Brownie 7


67cm - 86cm

5'3" - 5'7"
160cm - 170cm


76cm - 96cm

5'6" - 5'10"
167.5cm - 178cm

Birdie S/M 67cm - 86cm 5'3" - 5'7"
160cm - 170cm

Rider heights are given as a guide only. Everyone has different length legs, regardless of height. We strongly recommend measuring the inside leg before choosing the size!

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