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Bike Carriers

Here at Bobbin, we know that bikes aren’t just for getting from A to B. They’re also about all the fun things you can carry to point B!

That’s why we’ve got a wide selection of rear and front carriers as well as our range of wicker bike baskets. Keep safe with our carrier lights and pick up anything from your Pooch to the groceries in a Bobbin carrier.

We also stock funky bungees and colourful luggage straps to make sure everything makes it in one piece (as well as practical extra-long bungees!). 

Bike Racks

With our wide range of bike racks, you can find the perfect solution to transporting bulky items. Our rear racks are uniquely designed to help carry loads without interfering with your cycling.

Over The Wheel Rear Bike Carrier

A rear-mounted carrier sits over the rear wheel and is suitable for a pannier, bag or even basket attachment. However, it's not just a bike rear rack that we offer. Fit a convenient bike rack to your front wheel (or even both) to make the most of your available space.

Type of Bike

Whether it's for a road bike or a Dutch-style bike, we're sure we've got a carrier and accompanying basket or bag to match.

Just be sure to check out our page on carrier compatibility or check by your bike size compatibility if you have any questions. And don't forget to check out our range of accessories for so much more than just bicycle racks.