The Complete Bobbin Cycling Gift Guide

The Complete Bobbin Cycling Gift Guide

The Festive Season is just around the corner now, which means only one thing: gift-giving! We know we’re not the only ones who love to spread joy throughout the Christmas period. To help you get into the spirit of things and give you a few present ideas, this Bobbin Gift Guide is for you!

Kids Bikes

Moonbug 16” Wheel

We’re famous at Bobbin for our amazing selection of stylish children’s bicycle models. Our kids’ bikes are second to none when it comes to style and comfort. Available in a full range of sizes to suit children of all ages.

Picking just one of our fantastic models can be tricky from just a glance, such as the:

So, we’ve made a couple of resources to help you find one that’s right for your mini-me. The Gingersnap Gift Guide has everything you need to know about our Gingersnap range. Explore the amazing features of these bikes, as well as a run-down of all the different models.

Looking for a children’s bike for a loved one of a specific age? Then our best childrens bikes aid is sure to give you a helping hand in finding the perfect model.

Children’s ranges

Brownie Junior 16” Wheel 

We have bikes for the pretty daydreamers - those little ones who want to look ultra-cool and stylish. Take our Bobbin Brownie model, for instance. It’s the perfect riding-in style through the park, around the neighbourhood, anywhere! Available in lovely Olive and Caramel shades.

For wild adventurers and non-stop explorers, these Deluxe sports bikes will be perfect. There’ll be no stopping them once they open one of our Hornet bikes on Christmas morning! These two wheels feature lightweight frames and luxurious, sporty components.

And, of course, there’s a Bobbin bike for all the little riders. Our collection spans balance bikes to bikes with stabilisers. And there are the wheel sizes available in these dimensions:

Adult Bikes

Kingfisher Commuter Bike 

Going all out this Christmas? We have the dreamiest selection of vintage style bikes for the fashionista in your life. These models pay homage to a golden era whilst bringing those styles into the modern age. Have a read of our Vintage Bike Style Guide to learn more.

We also have other designs that cater to a variety of purposes and needs. For those seeking a new ride to work or a weekend go-getter who loves to get out and about, opt for our commuter bikes.

To find the one that suits you, check out our Adult Bikes Gift Guide for a full run-down of what we offer. You won’t be disappointed!

Cycling Lifestyle Gifts

Button Single Bag (various) 

A Bobbin bike isn’t just for Christmas — it’s a way of life! When you’re out and about, you’ll need all the bits and pieces that will keep your two wheels running smoothly.

There are loads of small things that can enhance your bike experience. Or simply stop it from going off the rails. You might want a pannier bag to provide a safe place to keep all your possessions. A bike basket also works wonders to fit your groceries in.

A robust lock, such as this kids bike lock, is essential for any urban cyclist. While a multi tool rainbow could be the difference between a quick fix and hours of waiting or wheeling! Don’t leave yourself unprepared for your biking journey. Find all the cycling essentials you might need in our helpful Lifestyle Gift Guide.

Bobbin Helmets

Starling Bike Helmet Olive

Don’t go anywhere on a bike without a helmet. That’s not just us saying it, it’s even in the Highway Code! Wearing one doesn’t have to be a chore, though. With a design from Bobbin, you can be safe and stylish at the same time. If you’re buying a bike as a present this Christmas, there’s nothing better to pair it with than a matching helmet.

We have a great range of helmets available with a huge number of colours and designs available. Explore all that we have to offer with these handy guides we prepared just for you:

  • Bobbin Helmet Gift Guide
  • What Size Bike Helmet Should I Get?
  • Heads Up: Why Kids Need a Bike Helmet That Fits
  • How Should Your Bike Helmet Fit?

  • Our Stocking Fillers

    Ciao Copper Bell

    Last but certainly not least are stocking fillers! They never fail to bring joy or delight to the face of any child - or even adult. They genuinely make the ideal accompaniment to a Christmas morning.

    Get amazing filler ideas by exploring our Stocking Filler Gift Guide. Crammed with loads of small gift inspirations that would make this approach memorable. Can you hear those bike bells making the ding-dong sound?


    In this journey, we’ve pedalled through essential gear and thoughtful gift ideas. The choices are as diverse as the riders themselves. And this guide will come in handy whether you’re gearing up for an adventure or seeking the perfect present.

    Bobbin is your one-stop shop for all your cycling essentials. From a variety of bikes, including bike attachments and bike gear parts, we’ve got you covered!

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