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Safety and style combined. All helmets are certified for cycling and skating. Our great range of stylish, minimalist bike helmets is designed to keep you safe and comfy while you ride your bike - all while making you look good!

Whether you need a helmet for those weekend rides or some protection for your everyday commute, there's a Bobbin model out there for you. Bobbin helmets are designed with special ventilation gaps and padded chin straps to ensure all-round comfort.

Each model is also thoroughly safety tested to ensure that you'll be safe out on the roads. And what's better is that we've priced all our products at great, affordable prices!

With a bold selection of colours and styles to choose from, from casual colours to snazzy metallics, you're bound to find one that you can't help but fall in love with. If you're the proud owner of a fantastic Bobbin bike, then the even better news is that our helmets are designed to match our brilliant bikes.

For more information, take a look at our detailed explainer at the bottom of the page.

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Adult Bike Helmets

At Bobbin, our range of adult bikes helmets are designed to be lightweight, safe and flattering to boot!

So whether it's helmets for adults or helmets for kids, keep scrolling to read about how we'll keep you safe in style.

Helmet Safety
One of the biggest reasons people don't put on their cycle helmets (or even buy them in the first place) is because they just aren't cool.

That's why we've designed a range of bicycle helmets that not only look good, but are built with safety standards in mind.

Whether you pick out a Bobbin Starling, Skylark or Metric helmet from our range today, you can be safe in the knowledge that our helmets are fully EN1078 and CPS tested for your safety.

Bobbin bike helmets are also constructed using the in-mould process for a seamless shell.

This offers a level of protection than combined with padding and adjustable chinstrap will keep you comfy and safe.

If you want to keep your head cool whilst keeping your head cool - you're in the right place.

Our road helmets don't just come in a variety of designs and cute colours, they also feature our 11-vent design for excellent ventilation.

Combined with a quick-release buckle and the reliable adjustment of our chin straps, our helmets make for an ideal choice for any cyclist!

Adult-Men-Women Bike Helmet Choices 
When we said we had bright and stylish colours, we meant it. We're not just talking cool block colours like our red, blue, and black helmets - oh no.

Just check out our disco-themed Mirror Mirror helmet with EPS foam and an ABS shell if you don't believe us!

And the best thing is - our helmet designs are unisex to cater to all.

A Lightweight Helmet
If you're looking for a super-lightweight bike or bicycle helmet that still offers ample protection, check out our Starling helmet range.

Cycling Helmets
For cycling helmets, check out our Skylark helmets for adults.

Visor Helmets
For helmets with a peaked visor, check out our Metric range.

Helmet Fit
Just click on your favourite helmet to find out more about each product's fit, or check our helmet sizing guide right here.

For a lighter, spherical helmet with an a classic skateboard design, we recommend something from our Starling or Mirror Mirror range.

Or If you'll be riding through the city, check out our commuter bike helmets range!

And for riders looking for a sport cyclists, check out our Skylark range for an aerodynamic design.

And for those looking for something a little flashier, check out our Mirror Mirror helmets including our personal favourite in gold.

Whatever you pick from Bobbin today, you can be assured of an inexpensive helmet that doesn't skimp on style or safety.

Our biking helmets are tested on a range of adults with head sizes across the board, so just measure your head circumference and you're ready to go.

With Bobbin, a quality helmet can still be a stylish helmet!