The Bobbin Adult Bikes Gift Guide

The Bobbin Adult Bikes Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one who enjoys getting outdoors into the fresh air? Or perhaps they want to make their commute that much more eco-friendly. If they tick either of those boxes then a bike could be just what you’ve been searching for. And when it comes to Bikes, there’s nothing more stylish or well-made than an Adult Bike from the Bobbin Range.

We’re proud to be able to offer a huge number of different bikes in our Adult Bikes Collection. Whether you’re searching for something that’s ideal for commuters, a classic day bike, or something super-stylish, you’ll find it in our online store. All our bicycles are unisex and fully adjustable, which means they’re suitable for all adults.

This extensive gift guide will give you the low down on the best adult bike for all styles and purposes. Explore our six unique bikes - and come out the other side knowing which one will make the best present for your lucky person!

A close-up of a leather bike saddle embossed with "Bobbin". The rest of the blue bike in the background

Bikes for the Commuter

Getting to and from work can get stressful at times. What can make it even more frustrating is the knowledge that traffic jams and delays are only adding to the environmental crisis that faces the planet.

But you can make that commute easier, more environmentally friendly, and better for the mind and body by purchasing your loved one an amazing Commuter Bike from the Bobbin Range! Explore our two amazing commuter bikes below.

Yellow fold bike with blue pannier bag standing in front of a house entrance.

The “Fold” Folding Bike

The “Fold” is our original folding bike, equipped with all the features of a Bobbin bike but with the added capability to easily fold up when you’re at home or in the office. 

Folding into an easy-to-store package, you can easily and securely store this bike when not in use. But beneath that handy feature, it’s still an amazing Bobbin Bike with its vegan leather saddle, excellent ride quality, Shimano gears and, of course, a wide selection of bright colours to choose from!

Kingfisher bike with white tires in light blue viewed from the side.

The Kingfisher Commuter Bike

If storing a bike won’t be a problem for your loved one, then the Kingfisher Commuter will be the ideal solution to commuting.

The Kingfisher is suited for incredible ride quality and is adaptable to both rural and urban environments. The high-strength steel frame will keep them riding for years to come, while the modern moustache handlebars help maintain a healthy and comfortable riding position. Buy in blueberry, black, or moody blue.

Bikes for the Day-tripper

What is better than getting on your bike on going on a little trip out? Enjoying the countryside or your favourite bike path on a bicycle that feels right and looks great is something everyone should get to enjoy. Gift this to your loved one with one of these great models.

Birdie Lightweight Vintage-style Bike in Plum colour with black tires and vegan leather saddle against a white background.

Birdie Lightweight Bike

The Birdie is one of our most iconic bikes - and from a quick look, it’s clear why. Striking the ideal balance between a versatile bicycle and a stylish retro dutch bike. The Birdie comes in four colours to give you the choice of a bike that suits whoever is lucky enough to receive it. Pick from Plum, Black, Blueberry, and moody blue.

As one of our signature bikes, the Birdie comes with everything you expect: a steel frame, long-lasting Kraton handlebar grips, Shimano gears and much more.

Daytripper city bike in moody blue with white tyres viewed from a front angle.

Daytripper City Bike

Made for urban paths and tracks, the Daytripper City Bike lets its rider effortlessly cruise around the city. Dependable, easy to ride, and equipped with all the Bobbin ride and safety features you might need, the Daytripper makes riding around urban areas easy and carefree. Available in black and moody blue.

Bikes for the Style Icon

If you’re going all out this Christmas, we have the dreamiest selection of vintage Adult bikes for the fashionista in your life. At Bobbin, our vintage bikes pay homage to a golden era of cycling designs whilst bringing those styles into the modern age. 

Not only will your loved one look dazzling on these beautiful bikes, but they can expect great ride quality from the moment they sit on the saddle.

Blueberry Brownie Bike with basket full of groceries in front of a yellow brick wall.

Brownie 7 Dutch Bike

Featuring a beautiful Dutch-bike-styled frame, the Brownie 7 is just what every vintage bike lover is looking for. Offering simplicity, a comfortable ride, and above all a wonderful aesthetic, the Brownie is a retro bike that just about anyone will fall in love with.

Available in Moody Blue, Blueberry, Mint Green, and Black - with mudguards and the chain case colour-matched in the glossy colour of your choice.

Hummingbird Vintage Bike Adult Bikes Bobbin Blossom Pink Cream Tyres

Hummingbird Vintage Bike

Go about your day in chic style with the amazing Hummingbird Vintage Bike. A beautiful mixte bike with great bobbin features like Kraton Handlebar grips, a vegan leather saddle, and a huge range of seven different colour schemes, your loved one will be head-over-heels for this amazing retro bike.

The Best in Adult Bikes

At Bobbin we pride ourselves on being the home of amazing bikes, whether that’s vintage models or amazing commuter bicycles. For a wonderful bike gift this Christmas, trust in us to make your loved one’s biking dreams come true. Browse our adult bike range today! 

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