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Experience freedom on the go with our folding bikes. Perfect for urban adventurers, our sleek design offers unparalleled convenience without compromising on performance. Effortlessly fold and unfold for seamless commuting or weekend rides. Discover the joy of compact versatility with Bobbin folding bikes today!

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Bobbin Folding Bikes

A Bobbin Folding Bike
If you've been checking out our wide range of retro and traditional bikes, you might have stumbled across our folding bike.

The ultimate in conscious, compact, and (more importantly) fun travel - the Bobbin Fold is creating waves. Keep scrolling to read more about our foldable bikes.

Our Adult Bike Collection
Here at Bobbin, we do anything but regular bikes but we do have selections for classic, commuter, and hybrid bikes. That being said, our fold-up bike is an affordable and super-cool addition to our bicycle range that will be turning heads wherever you go.

Foldable Bike Wheels and Wheel Size
The Fold comes with 20" alloy rims and 20"x1.5" Kenda tyres in cream.  So whatever colour you choose your fold away bike in, it's sure to pop against our classic Bobbin palette.

Plus, the compact size means that it can be folded away in seconds. You can go from a comfortable ride on your folding bike to sitting down on a train seat in no time!

With top-of-the-range Japanese Shimano Tourney 7 speed gears and gripshift gear shifter, riding is easy. You'll get the best pedal economy available whether you're riding on the flat or up an incline - making the Fold a serious road bike.

A lightweight alloy frame with adjustable seat height and a chrome-plated handlebar style. These are just some of the little bits of attention to detail that makes a Bobbin fold bike so stunning.

Folding Bicycle - The Ideal Commuter Bikes
So are you looking to free up storage space in your hallway or entrance where a chunky road bike is taking up all the space? Or do you just want a folding commuter bike because they're vogue?

Either way, a folding city bike from Bobbin can tick all of these boxes and more!

Helmets To Match
While out and about on your folding bike you'll need a helmet to match, for the perfect accompaniment check out out commuter bike helmets!

Perfect For The Train and Public Transport
If you need (or want) to go on public transport at any point in your journey across town, a lightweight folding bike is also kind to you and your fellow commuters.

Never feel awkward again on a train journey where stopping your bike bumping into someone affects the ride quality!

Price - Budget Folding Bikes
And at such a competitive price, the Bobbin Fold is the ideal folding bike for those who want a little more from their bicycle. We wanted to offer a cheap folding bike at an affordable price without skimping on quality components and construction. 

You tell us if we've succeeded!