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Bobbin Gingersnap Bikes

Looking for kids bikes for sale? Thank goodness you found us!

A kids bicycle from Bobbin is just the start of a whole world of family and independent adventures.

Paired with our lightweight, super-safe (and pretty cool!) bike helmets, our children's bikes are second to none. 

Why a Bobbin Bike?

Bobbin Gingersnap bikes are made with Hi-Ten steel frames that are lightweight, durable, and rust-resistant.

When you're confident in a product's build, you can have more fun choosing from our range of bike accessories and Gingersnap bikes in bright colours.

Our classic bikes are modelled on our favourite vintage era of the 1960s and 70s, and our kid's Gingersnap bikes are no different!

Designed in the same style as our grown-up bikes, our kids bikes feature funky bicycle baskets and features like vegan leather saddles.

Kids Bikes

Our wide range of Gingersnap kids bikes is perfect for age 8 to 11 and above. You're sure to find a Gingersnap bike that suits from our selection of lightweight bikes in a variety of colours.

Balance Bikes, Brakes and Gears

Our Gingersnap children's bicycles include everything from pedal-less balance bikes to teach little ones to ride to 7-gear bikes on our larger 20" and 24" models.

As kids get older, they requirements become more comprehensive. That's why we offer Bobbin Gingersnap bikes with features like alloy dual-pivot brakes with easy-reach levers for when they get older.

Bike Baskets

And all of our Gingersnap range comes with the cutest handmade wicker baskets attached to the front. So whether you're looking for a girls bike with basket or a boys bike with basket, our unisex Gingersnap models cover all bases. Our vintage style bikes are bound to get smiles and waves on every outing!


And starting at just £119, a Bobbin Gingersnap is the ideal choice for those first family bike rides.

At Bobbin Bikes UK, we want to help you make the most out of that cycling experience with a commitment to high-quality and low prices.

Just follow the instructions on the product page to get your children's leg measurements to make sure their bike fits perfectly!