10 Tips For Cycling The South Downs Way

10 Tips For Cycling The South Downs Way

This fantastic trip will take you around 2 to 4 days to cycle. If you’re ready to grab your bike and head off, pay attention to these fantastic tips and you’ll be more prepared than you’ve ever been before.

Plan - This trip will span over a few days so it’s important you’ve done plenty of planning before you go.

Don’t over pack - Since you’re going to be cycling, you don’t want to be weighed down by too much!

Share your location - This lengthy trip can be nothing but fun for you, but make sure your loved ones don’t worry and share your location.

Spare chargers - Phones are great for so much! Lights, GPS, emergency contact! You might use it a lot so make sure you have spare chargers around!

Food and drink - There isn’t much chance you’re going to find yourself with many shops or restaurants around. Bring along food and drink!

Bike repair kit - Riding your bike for almost a week straight will likely leave it with maintenance needs. Bring along a handy tool kit and fix up your bike where needed.

Check the weather - It goes without saying that checking what the weather is going to be is a handy piece of information to have.

Know your limits - If you’re not ready for a long cycling trip, that’s ok. It doesn’t mean you can’t ever take the trip!

Breaks - It’s key to remember you’re not a robot, take as many breaks as you want or need, don’t push yourself too hard!

Go with friends - There’s nothing more fun than a cycling trip with friends spanning over a few days.

That’s it! They’re all of our handy tips, now all you need to do is head off and enjoy!

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