10 Tips For Cycling In Summer

10 Tips For Cycling In Summer

Summer is fast approaching and we all want nothing more than to get outside and enjoy the fresh air on a beautiful bike. It’s the best way to keep cool during the hot months. Below, we have 10 great tips on cycling in the summer months!

Keep Hydrated - It’s important to make sure you stay hydrated since you’ll be doing a form of exercise in hot weather. Grab yourself a water bottle and attach it to your bike so you always have water with you.

Helmet - In this weather, a helmet serves more than one purpose. It’ll protect you if you fall, but also keep the sun off your head and away from sunburn.

Clothing - Make sure you dress for the weather you’ll be cycling in whilst still being safe. Sandals might be appealing in summer, but it’s important to remember to wear shoes that won’t cause you to slip on the pedals.

SPF - Since you’ll be outside for a few hours and mostly in the sun, it’s important to wear sunscreen. The higher the SPF, the longer you’re protected for.

Go slow - The faster you ride, the more you’ll sweat and the more fluid you’ll lose. It’s important in hot weather to ride slow and take regular breaks.

Food - Often, in the warm weather, we tend to have a lower appetite. Even if you bring snacks with you, it’s important to remember to eat before you head off on a bike ride.

Insect repellant - Nobody likes those pesky insects that come with the warm weather. Grab yourself an insect repellent and bugs will stay away from you as you ride.

Avoid midday - The sun is at its highest during the times from around 12pm - 2pm, this means you should aim to cycle in the morning or evening to avoid getting a sunburn.

Road condition - We all know that on the hottest few days of the year, sometimes the tarmac on the road can suffer and begin to melt. Make sure you keep an eye on the road to avoid any nasty falls.

Sunglasses - Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses with you for this journey!

Now, with all the tips above, you’re ready to head off on some fantastic adventures with your bike this summer. 

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