Make Riding More Fun with these Kids Bike Accessories

Make Riding More Fun with these Kids Bike Accessories

Bike accessories make riding on two wheels easier, safer and more comfortable. These add-ons also help with keeping little riders interested in their cycling adventure.

Some are essential, while others are just nice to have for aesthetics. Besides some cool basket ideas, you can find a wide range of kid's bike accessories on the market.

In this post, we've prepared the best selections, hand-picked by our experts, to gear up your kid's bike (and maybe even yours!). Whatever your reason for landing here, this guide will come in handy.

1. Bike stabilisers

Also known as training wheels, bike stabilisers are extra wheels for balance. They give a more stable feeling until the rider has developed a good sense of stability.

To prevent that wobbliness, consider adding training wheels to your kid's bike.

 Skylark Stabilisers 

(Skylark Stabilisers)

2. Bike bells

A bike bell is an essential part of etiquette and manners while riding a bicycle. On top of that, it offers additional safety, such as on narrow roads to warn other cyclists or passersby and avoid accidents.

Embossed Ringer Bell 

(Embossed Ringer Bell)

3. Bike locks

Sturdy cable locks are another classic when it comes to bicycle security. They're cheap, light, easy to carry and easy to fasten around bikes.

Cable locks are the most ideal for a kid's bike. For more security options, go for U-locks, ideal for an adult bike.

(Bobbin Bike Lock)

4. Helmets

A bike helmet offers a layer of safety, providing up to an 88% reduction in the risk of head injury. Be it kids bike helmets or adults’, every cyclist needs one.

Brightly-coloured ones also provide higher visibility in traffic. They lessen your chance of a car-on-bike accident.

 Metric Helmet Gloss Plum

(Metric Helmet Gloss Plum)

5. Water bottle cage

As the name suggests, a water bottle cage is used to affix water bottles to a bicycle. Bottle cages are usually composed of plastic, aluminium, stainless steel, or carbon fibre. 

Besides staying hydrated, a water bottle cage provides ease of access to your drink.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

(Stainless Steel Water Bottle)

TFL Cycleways Banner

6. Safety lights

Extra LED lights around your bike mean more visibility and increased safety. Good bike rear lights are more appropriate for night riding. 

For kids cycling during the winter months, look for child-friendly bike lights, such as a button light.

 Bike Light for Rear Carrier

(Bike Light for Rear Carrier)

7. Baskets


A perfect kid's bike always comes with bike baskets - one in the front and another in the rear. Bike baskets provide a space for heavy items, making riding a bicycle a lot more convenient for the kids.

Most importantly, they carry more weight without making the bike wobbly.

 Shire Kids Bike Basket

(Shire Kids Bike Basket)

8. Horns

A bike horn is a common accessory that many cyclists use to warn drivers of their presence. Providing additional protection, you can avoid accidents, as well as be seen and heard.

An excellent alternative to a bicycle bell.

Kids bike horn accessories 

(Image Credit)

9. Bike racks

Carrier racks provide a stable framework to hold gear on your bicycle. You can use it on your rear bike frame to secure panniers, baskets, and other items.

A sturdy and quality bike rack even allows you to sit on it!

Lightweight Urban Carrier Rack 

(Lightweight Urban Carrier Rack)

10. Pedals

Another road bike accessory must-have is funky pedals. A new pair can boost the look and performance of a bike.

Moreover, balance bikes help develop gross motor skills. With pedals, they help little one's transition to a pedal bike without training wheels.

(Skylark Stabilisers) 

11. Mudguards

Mudguards may not be the fanciest bike spokes accessories, but they sure offer tons of perks for a bit of cost. One, they’ll keep mud and grimes from flying up and getting all over you. 

When riding in the rain, they'll help lessen dirty water from getting chucked up by your tires and into the moving parts. 

 Bobbin Noodle Mudguards in Silver

(Noodle Mudguards - Copper or Silver)

12. Panniers 

Panniers are bike bags that carry items, usually with two compartments. They're ideal for long-distance touring or to haul stuff around town.

As for kids bikes, having one works well in securing stuff in place rather than being out and about in baskets.

 Bobbin Panniers

(Toggle Double Pannier)

13. Multi-tool bike accessories 

The road is an unpredictable place for a cyclist. This is why a multi-tool should always be in your pannier when cycling.

Not only is it easy to tote along for the ride, but it's also travel-friendly if you plan to pick up a rental bike on vacation. We recommend finding one lightweight enough to carry in your saddlebag.

 Bobbin Multi Tool - Bamboo

(Multi Tool - Bamboo)

14. Handlebar grips 

Comfortable grips are a must-have, whether a children's bike or an adult's. Mountain bike grips, for one, provide padding and vibration damping to keep your hands at ease.

Aside from comfort, grips also serve to protect handlebar ends.

 Bobbin Duracork Grips

(Duracork Grips)

15. Saddles 

A new saddle (seat) can make a huge difference in your and your child’s enjoyment on the bike. A built-in paddle also helps relieve pressure on sensitive areas.

Our favourite one is this sprung saddle, which can be used on adult roadsters and upright bikes. It's a fun accessory to add to a standard bike.

Bobbin Sprung Saddle 

(Sprung Saddle)

16. Bike gloves

Gloves protect and add comfort to cyclists' hands. A pair helps keep sweat away for a better grip while letting your hands breathe.

Cycling gloves can also have padded palms to cushion your hands from the vibrations. This allows you to maintain a safe, tight grip on the handlebars at all times.

Bike gloves

(Image Credit: Flickr)

17. Saddlebags 

Saddlebags increase your carrying capacity while adding a flair to your bike ride. Recreational riders can benefit from a neatly packed saddlebag.

The one below is suitable for use with most saddles, including kids bike!

 Bobbin Daytripper Saddlebag

(Daytripper Saddlebag)

18. Wheel clickers

Do you have a timid kid that needs a little extra encouragement? Or do you have a speed of lightning that wants to ride like the wind? The “click, click, click” sound of a wheel clicker can give you that magic. 

Use a simple card for some cheap tricks!

19. Elbow and knee pads

Elbow and knee pads are always nice to have in your pannier or saddlebag. They also make essential kids bike accessories for aggressive and adventurous ones.

Once they've put their kids knee and elbow pads, a.k.a. their armour, they can gain more confidence.

Bike knee and elbow pads, helmet and gloves

(Image Credit: Flickr)

20. Bike pumps

Another cycling bag essentials are bike pumps. In case your tire goes flat while you’re on the go, a mini pump can give good pressure, preventing punctures on the road.

Public bike rack with air pump

(Image Credit: Flickr)

21. Handlebar tassels

Handlebar tassels are a fun and colourful addition to a children’s bike. They provide visual appeal, add movement, and make the bike more attractive to kids. Moreover, it encourages imaginative play and makes biking a more enjoyable experience.

Handlebar Tassels

22. Leather bike basket strap

A leather bike basket strap adds a touch of sophistication to a kid’s bike. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of the bike basket while providing practical functionality. Most importantly, it allows kids to carry their belongings in style. The leather is durable and sturdy, ensuring the basket remains attached to the bike.

If you want something more stretchy, then look no further than this Luggage Strap. It comes in pastel mix colours with coated metal hooks, and is useful for crates and rear carriers.

Leather Bike Basket Straps

23. Bike basket garland

Basket garlands are a festive bike accessory that adds a whimsical touch. They’re usually made of colourful fabric or flowers and can be easily attached to the front basket.

The garland not only enhances the bike’s look but also sparks the child’s creativity and imagination. This, in return, makes their biking adventures more enjoyable and memorable.

Here at Bobbin, we offer a variety of playful designs, including:

Bike Basket Garland Craft Kit

24. Headlamp

A headlamp is a practical safety accessory for a kid’s bike. It ensures visibility during low-light conditions or at night. The headlamp illuminates the path ahead, allowing the child to see and be seen by others. This reduces the risk of accidents and improves road safety.

With one, kids can explore their surroundings even when daylight is limited. Thus, promoting confidence and independence in riding.

Classic Bike Headlamp

25. Pannier bike basket

A pannier bike basket is a versatile kid’s bike accessory, including adults alike. It provides extra storage space, allowing children to carry their toys while cycling.

Its sturdy feature ensures that the contents remain intact during the ride. It also encourages self-sufficiency and practicality. For one, it teaches kids to organise and carry their items responsibly while on the road.

Pannier Bike Basket


Safety is the first consideration when riding a bicycle. Not only do these accessories offer a great start, but also they elevate the look of a bike.

With our random list of favourite bike accessories, may you and your kids bike be accessorised with the best equipment!

Bobbin is a reliable bike shop and brand that offers a wide range of bikes that guarantee aesthetics, freedom and fun. Check our worthy-of-investment products and ride in style!


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