20 Awesome Bike Basket Ideas

20 Awesome Bike Basket Ideas

So, your kid needs a bicycle basket. And you're waiting on a super-quick delivery from Bobbin, what can you do?

You might want to try out these cool baskets for kids bike ideas yourself! Save money, get creative with your little one and add a personal touch to your child's bike basket. 

If you're a “ride or DIY” type, you'll enjoy recreating these inspirations. Who knows? You might even make one for your own bike.

Let’s get on with the list!

1. Wicker basket

Make use of your old wicker basket, unused two leather straps or zip ties, and you're up for the project! Simply attach the basket to the handlebar with belts or ties.

To make it more of a girls bike basket, decorate it with ribbons, flowers, or a teddy bear.

 A bike with a wicker basket and a bell

(Image Credit: Flickr)

2. Bike bag for water bottles

Canvas and vinyl tablecloths make an excellent water bottle bag. With a bit of creativity you can surprise your child with a handy satchel like this!

3. Wood crate

A shabby chic crate basket like this adds a new level of functionality to your kid's bicycle. It's easy to make; all you need is a crate basket and a little paint for a pop of colour.

Wood crate bike basket 

(Image Credit: Pixnio)

4. Trunk bag

Kids will get a lot more use out of their bikes in the summertime with this DIY rear bag idea. They can enjoy the ride without the awkwardness of biking with a bulky backpack.


5. Shopping basket

Instead of heading to the bike shop, check your local supermarket and see if they have unused baskets. Shopping baskets are practical and sturdy enough, a perfect match for a kids bike. 

A bike with shopping bag baskets at the back filled with groceries

(Image Credit: Pixnio)


6. Plastic wipe container

This fish-tank like bike basket will surely entice your little one! Drill holes on the container to secure it to the bike with zip ties or adjustable straps.

Decorate it with some stickers to add a little personalisation. 


7. Milk crate

A classic and cheap method to carry items around while biking and is suitable for kids bikes, too. Milk crates are functional, inexpensive, and easy to install on bicycles (with cable ties). 

Large green crate bike basket conversion

(Image Credit: Flickr)

8. Balance bike with basket made from cardboard

A small basket is enough to hold your child's favourite toy while biking. Made from corrugated cardboard, for one, it will do the trick.

Let your kid pick the design they want. You can make a DIY basket that resembles their stuffed animal - just like this one! 

9. Basket liner 

If a children's bike basket has big openings, adding a liner is a great solution. It covers the gaping hole, securing even the smallest items in one place during a bumpy ride.

10. Floral basket

If your lovely child already owns a Shire bike basket, decorate it with a variety of flowers to complete the look! Cut the blooms into proper shape and wrap them around the basket.

This bike basket idea is a great concept for spring.

Pink bike with wicker basket filled with hand picked flowers

(Image Credit: Pikrepo)

11. Wire basket

Just like with crates, wire baskets make a great kids bike basket solution too! They're an inexpensive way to add enough space for things to carry around.

Grab some adjustable straps or belts, and you're good to go.

White adult bike with front wire basket

(Image Credit: Pxhere)

12. Crochet 

Using basic stitches and thick yarn, you can add extra storage on bikes, a.k.a. a crochet basket. Have a look at this one; it's unique when moving around with a crocheted bike basket like this!


13. Pet baskets

It'll be a lot easier for you to take your dog for a bike ride when you have a pet basket on the rear or front. Choose sturdy wicker with a wire mesh cover to make sure your pet is safe and sound. 

A cute white dog in a bike basket

(Image Credit: Pxhere)

14. Pannier bags

Make yourself and your kids a set of bike saddlebags. These DIY pannier bags are perfect bike accessories on the back rack.

 Bobbin Toggle Double Pannier

15. Copper tubing basket

You know, I could have just used a milk crate and avoided all the hassle and cost. But this copper basket is an exception!

Use rubber spacers to separate the aluminium frame of the bike and copper basket to avoid corrosion.

16. Picnic basket

Imagine biking your way to the park this weekend for a picnic. But where's the picnic basket? If you have a big one, put it on the back of the bicycle and make sure there's a rear rack.

But for a cute, smaller one like the Gingersnap Spare Basket, show it off in front.

 Bobbin Express Bike Basket - Breton Stripes

17. Hardwood front compartments

 A customised hardwood bike compartment that holds water bottles, phones and other knick-knacks. A stylish and modern basket for kids, bikes, even adults.

18. Front and back

You sure won't run out of storage if your bicycle is equipped with baskets in front and the rear. A picnic basket or crate would look good in front, while pannier bags at the back.

 Bike with front and back baskets

(Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

19. Boys bike basket

A DIY themed bucket that can make your son's three wheels more manly. Most importantly, it offers the perfect spot to carry along a special friend!

20. Grocery rear bag 

Heavy-duty canvas makes an excellent bike basket alternative. Take a cue from this grocery rear bag. If you are biking your way to the grocery store, this is worth considering.


Bike Basket Kids: Round-up 

A perfect bike always comes with baskets - one in the front and another in the rear. Children's bike with basket provides a space for heavy items, making riding a bicycle a lot more convenient for them.

Instead of carrying stuff on their backs, they can fit their essential items in the front or rear basket. And we hope this guide will inspire you and make one for your child the easiest way possible.

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