The New Hornet Bike Gift Guide

The New Hornet Bike Gift Guide

There’s something exciting coming to our Kids’ Bike range. Ready and raring to go is our brand-new children’s bike. Introducing…the Bobbin Hornet Bike!

We’ve created our new Hornet Bike range for all those energy-packed adventurers who are desperate to get out and explore the world. The Hornet will allow them to do this and more, as its sporty frame and robust design features allow it to handle all terrains and conditions with ease. And, as a Bobbin Bike, it looks super-stylish while doing so too!

If you think a Hornet Bike would be ideal for your mini-me, then keep reading to discover all about this sporty bicycle for kids who never run out of energy!

Hornet Kids Bike in Dark Green viewed from the side

The Hornet Design

At the heart of every Bobbin Bicycle design are two concepts: a bike that looks good and has the ideal ride quality for its purpose. The Hornet, naturally, delivers on both.


When it comes to a stylish appearance, both our Hornet bikes deliver it in droves. Every Hornet bike is finished in an iconic British Racing Green finish with a subtle gleam to emphasise just how sporty it is. This colour fits with the satin-dipped chain for a cool and sporty look.

This is coupled with shiny metal handlebars, beautiful silver metalwork, a vegan leather saddle and smart brown wheels. As a whole, the look is reminiscent of the classic Sports Cars of Great British History. When the Hornet glides past, it’s sure to draw the eye in just the same way!

Hornet bike close up on silver handlebars with leather grips

Ride Quality

Where the Hornet really steals the show is its ride quality, robustness, and durability. Packed with tons of great features, and built to withstand all kinds of terrains as well as bumps and falls, this sporty kid’s bike is up to any task.

First of all, we’ve built the Hornet with a super-lightweight frame made from a premium steel alloy. This makes it extremely agile, while still boasting great durability, meaning your youngster can take it out wherever life leads them without worrying if it can handle it.

We didn’t just stop at the frame though. The Hornet has versatile and grippy BMX Pedals, powerful Promax V-Brakes for reliable braking, and 7 gears for precise speed adjustment. When it comes to children's bikes, it doesn’t get sportier than the Hornet.

Close up of Hornet Kids' bike chain and gear mechanism

Our Hornet Models

We have two different-sized Hornet models to suit young adventurers of many ages. Let’s take a look:

  • For kids on the younger side, we have the Hornet 20” Wheel. We recommend a 20” Wheel size for kids aged 5-8 years old.
  • Slightly bigger is our Hornet 24” Wheel. A larger wheel makes this bike model suitable for taller and older children. We recommend it for ages 7-11.

In the end, getting a bike that fits your child involves getting the measurements right. To help you figure out which of these Hornet Bikes fits, take a look at our online sizing guide. This will give you a more accurate idea of which wheel size is right for your mini-me.

Hornet Bike viewed from the side on a white background

Rounding Up

You’ve heard all about how great the Hornet is. Now it’s time to check it out for yourself! Take a look at our Hornet Range here, or explore one of our two models with the links above. 

This sporty bike is just what children who like to get out and explore the world need. Not only will they be riding a bike perfect to tackle those harsh conditions, but they’ll also look great while doing it too! 

Get the new Hornet Bike from Bobbin Bikes on any date past November 12th!

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