Bobbin In The Newspaper(s)!

Bobbin In The Newspaper(s)!

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Check out all the times that Bobbin and our bikes have been featured in papers, from The Guardian to Metro and more. Click to check out these cool spreads!

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Helen Pidd reviewed our classic upright Bobbin Brownie ladies bike in The Guardian: “This is not for lycra junkies. It’s for cyclists who value the ability to pedal in a full skirt".

Sunday Express

The Sunday Express magazine had a Bobbin Beat on it’s cover! Here’s a Clarke Kent lookalike balancing his Christmas presents and lady friend on his traditional English Gents Roadster bicycle. Living the dream!

Credit: The Sunday Express

Stella (Telegraph)

The Telegraph magazine Stella loves our Bobbin Birdie. This is the version that’s covered in little bird illustrations.

Credit: Stella, The Telegraph

Distribution: France

Eurobike Show Daily (2015) breaks the news of our French Distribution deal. Here's me shaking hands with an VIB (very important baldie).

Credit: Eurobike Show Daily 

The Guardian, March 2021

Check out this piece in The Guardian with Rob Beckett and Josh Widicombe on our kid's bikes.

Credit: The Guardian

The Guardian - Bobbin's Old-School Bikes

In 2012 the Guardian reviewed the Bobbin Birdie against a Crème Lady Doppio and a Charge hob. As of 2016 the former is no longer available in the UK and the latter is discontinued. The Bobbin Birdie is still going strong though,, so we win. Hooray!

Credit: The Guardian

The Guardian

The Guardian loves Bobbin. Bobbin loves Guardian. Long time. Oh, and this is from 2008.

Credit: The Guardian

Bike Tribes, The Independent 2007

Have you read about the phenomenon of ‘Bike Tribes’? There have been countless articles and even a book written about fashion/cycling crossovers. Bet you didn’t know that we started it? Well, here’s Tom’s article, written for The Independent in 2007 to coincide with the first Smithfield Nocturne.

“Go to cities such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam and you’ll notice that everybody rides, but most of the bikes are identical. Here, our cycle lanes and box junctions are filling up with recumbents, vintage racers and folding and fixed-wheel bikes".

Credit: The Independent

"London’s complex fashion tribes are aligning themselves to a corresponding riding style, and your choice of bike is now an extension of your wardrobe and a reflection of what’s happening on the street, in politics, music, fashion and art. Our cyclists, it seems, are tribalising themselves.”

Bike Tribes, The Independent 2008

The Independent re-spin our 2007 article for them about bike tribes, featuring different London cyclists. Here's me outside our first workshop!

The Independent - Eloise Moody On Her Pea Green Bobbin

The Independent featured hatter Eloise Moody from Moody & Farrell on her pea green Bobbin.

Credit: The Independent

The Independent

The Independent recommend the Bobbin Daytripper as one of the best men's city bikes. Bobbin is not just for lady cyclists!

Gingersnap balance in The Indy!

Our Gingersnap Balance kids bike made it into the Independent!

Credit: The Independent

The Independent "Best Lightweight Helmet"

Read all about it here.

"This helmet from British bike manufacturers Bobbin is insanely lightweight. It’s designed to be akin to a cycle sports helmet, and our tester remarked on how much nicer it was to wear as it didn’t weigh them down. It has 13 really big vents on it to allow airflow and help keep the wearer cool".

Credit: The Independent

"The fit on this helmet was really good – it comes with spare sets of pads for the interiors, with different thicknesses, so you can make it nice a snug but still comfortable".

"You can also adjust the size using the dial at the back, and there’s a nice pad on the strap, which sits under the chin to help with comfort. We found our tester was happy to wear this helmet for longer because it was so light and comfortable for them".

Evening Standard - Florence Welsh & Her Bobbin Bike

Florence Welsh on her Bobbin, featured in this Evening Standard article on Cycle chic in London

Credit: London Evening Standard

The Evening Standard - Cycling Chic Biker Girls

We’ve had a few articles in the Evening Standard over the years. In case you didn’t know - we’ve been in the chic cycling game since 2007, selling cool cycle kit to people who love life. We Rule!

Check out the sexiest cycling gear, and other tips from style gurus, and even our most luxury bikes.

Credit: Evening Standard

Bobbin Fold, recommended by The Evening Standard!

The fantastic Bobbin Fold, recommended by The Evening Standard! Read the article here.

Credit: Evening Standard

Evening Standard

Jasmine Gardner wrote in The Evening Standard, "it’s funny what happens to cyclists when we buy a bike. As well as forming a deep affection for our two-wheeled steed we start to lust after all the accoutrements to make it (and us, riding it) look more beautiful".

We couldn't agree more. Thanks for including our Bobbin Gold helmet and Bobbin Scout vintage style racing bike to illustrate!

Credit: Evening Standard

Daily Mail (You)

We’ve had a few mentions in The Daily Mail. (I think they like us!).

And here’s another

Credit: Daily Mail

Bobbin Founders Answer Difficult Questions In Metro

People often ask us (Tom and Sian) about working together. ‘How do you do it?’. The answer is: Quite easily!

We love our jobs and every day has new challenges. Being an entrepreneur is great and even better when you can share your success.

So see what we had to say in Metro right here:

Credit: Metro

Bobbin Fold "in the paper"

Mum emailed me this pic of the Bobbin Fold "in the paper".

Thanks Mum! It does look very festive, but - kids - don't try to fold or ride it whilst it's like that!

Mail on Sunday Features Fold!

Check out this Christmas Gift Guide, November 2020, featuring the Bobbin Fold!

Credit: The Daily Mail

Mail on Sunday

The Mail on Sunday has a lovely interiors spread with a Bobbin Birdie cycle peeping in. Wouldn’t recommend cycling with that plant pot unless you’ve welded it on the carrier rack though!

Credit: Mail On Sunday 

Sunday Times Style

We have a long-standing love affair with the Sunday Times Style Magazine. They're big supporters of our manifesto of getting people riding around London having fun and looking super stylish!

And here they featured our much-loved mirrored silver bike helmet. Great for fellow cyclists to check their own reflection in at traffic lights.

Credit: The Sunday Times

 The Mirror has eyes for our Metric Helmet

Credit The Daily Mirror

Daily Express

This is a Daily Express article from the archive about the early days of our bike business.

Credit: The Daily Express

The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times reviewed the Bobbin Monsieur bike:

“You could ride this bike I suppose, but that’s not really the point. Its real purpose is to be propped up against the shutters of your country house in Provence. For those of us who don’t yet have the house, the bike provides a glimpse of the lifestyle. What’s not to like about the combination of French navy metalwork, cream wheels and brown leather trim.”

Credit: The Sunday Times

Sunday Times Gift Guide for Kids "Star Buy"

Its the Bobbin Gingersnap 20" in Yellow of course! Feel free to check out our other placements in The Sunday Times:

Credit: The Sunday Times

Style In The Sunday Times - Sneaking In a Bobbin Helmet

The Sunday Times Style Magazine sneak in a Bobbin Gold Helmet, (hoping no one notices!).

Everyone does. It’s blinging!

Credit: The Sunday Times

Sunday Times Business

Bobbin featured in The Sunday Times Business section, too. Read about our business journey here and all our happy customers along the way!

Credit: The Sunday Times

Our Starling Helmet in The Sun

Check out our Starling Helmet as featured in The Sun.

Credit: The Sun

Scotland on Sunday

Scotland on Sunday featured a Bobbin and said “Cycling. It’s the new walking”. So I wonder what the new cycling is? 

Credit: Scotland On Sunday

Saving The World: One Bobbin® at a Time ft. Sandi Toksvig

Sandi Toksvig shows us all how to take eco friendly steps in style. Riding her Bobbin Birdie, the president of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain highlights the importance of tackling climate change both individually and globally. 

"Writers and content makers need to be at the forefront of this battle to save our planet". We love seeing creatives using their Bobbin to get around! 

Credit: The Guardian

With Greenhouse gasses and co2 emissions on the rise, cycling is the perfect low carbon method of transport, keeping both you and the world fit and healthy.

As government policies lean towards carbon neutral transport options for future developments, it's likely we'll have heaps of new cycle paths available for riding round in the near future. And in the post pandemic world, it's much more fun than the tube!

Read the full article here

The Observer - Bobbin Pea Green Bike Madness

Lauren Laverne mentions us in her Observer column and we are very very happy about it. Sian is even photo-shopped balancing a helmet and bag in her hands!

Credit: The Observer

The Observer

A lovely feature of our Bobbin Bramble in The Observer: “Accessorise your ride with stripy tights, a straw hat and a bike basket for your sausage dog”.

Credit: The Observer

The Observer - Lauren Laverne Loves Bobbin

Pea Green bike madness reached its zenith, with The Observer suggesting you turn all your belongings green. Remember: Bobbin was there first, people!

Credit: The Observer

The London Paper

The London Paper did a feature on a Bobbin rider!

Credit: The London Paper


From the archive: Jo Jackson writes “I decided that if I was going to face London traffic on two wheels then I might as well do it in style. Bobbin has the best selection of Dutch sit-up-and-beg-style bikes.

"It also has a brilliant selection of accessories and bags so you can look almost as good as your bike does”.

The New York Times

The New York Times were kind enough to run a feature on Bobbin. As a cult London brand turning into a British export, we saw how other people might see us: Authentic, European, (a bit eccentric), a bit obsessed with 1960’s, colourful and fun.

Now let’s fill the world with Bobbin bikes - Loehmann's NYC certainly wanted to!

The Times

The Times featured our University of Cambridge collaboration. Cheers!

Credit: The Times

Financial Times

This article was the first major bit of press exposure for our new business. It was a very big deal! The reporter came to visit us in our little bike workshop in Clerkenwell and did a product review on a bike.

We’ve had a few more mentions in the FT's “How to spend it”.

Credit: Financial Times

There you go - friends in high places! So check back in for more updates if you're not pressed for time. Or head over to our store to shop the look yourself.

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