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How To Install A Basket On A Bike

Different styles of bicycles need different types of bike baskets. And, each different kind of basket requires a different sort of attachment.

This can be confusing. But, don't worry - we've got you covered! By the time you've finished reading this blog, you'll be a bike-basket-installation-expert. It might be niche expertise, but expertise nonetheless.

Then you'll be ready to zip off with your carrier bike basket at the ready. So that the next time you go grocery shopping, you can feel confident that your basket will withstand the weight of your fusilli pasta obsession.

And, as a bonus, you'll feel smug that you installed it yourself.

The secret is - it's quite easy. In 4 (or less) steps you'll have your basket attached!

Put simple you can attach a bike basket by:

  • Installing a bike rack (if your basket needs it)
  • Tying straps between the frame and basket
  • Attaching a bracket between the frame and basket
  • Clamping the basket to the frame

If you want the detailed version of how to install a bike basket, read on!


What baskets can be attached by strap?

Typically, it's wicker baskets that you can attach by basket straps.

These are the type of baskets you'd expect students in Cambridge to carry their copies of War and Peace in. For some light reading. They are designed to be lightweight but sturdy enough to hold a heavy load or maybe even a small dog?

What kind of basket strap are there?

There are vegan and leather straps to attach your basket to your bicycle. These are comparable to a belt. They have a metal buckle and eyelet dotted down the material to adjust the tightness as needed.

How do you attach a basket using straps?

1. Gather your pair of straps, and thread them through your wicker bike basket.

2. Then guide the leather around the bicycle handlebars.


dahalia bike basket


3. Tighten using the buckle and eyelet until the bike basket is firmly in place (and doesn't wiggle or rattle).


dahalia bike basket


4. And voila! You've got a nifty new basket attached to your bike. 

If you want to carry heavier loads in the basket you've attached using straps, you should consider using a basket carrier. We will elaborate on this - don't worry.

Hook and Clip

What baskets can be attached by hooks and clips?

A range of baskets can be attached. This technique is mainly used for metal baskets, but you can also use it for Breton and some wicker baskets.

Bike basket's that use a hook or clip method of attachment usually include the bracket that you mount them onto. So, you'll know what type of installation you should be doing.

Or, the baskets have the hooks attached to the basket itself. Otherwise, you may be expected to use straps.

How do you attach a basket using hooks and clips? 

You can do this in a few, simple steps:

  1. Attach the bracket. This involves sliding it over the handlebars and clipping it around part of the head tube (the part of the frame that the handlebars attach to).
  2. If the bracket comes with holes and bolts, secure using a screwdriver.
  3. If not, don't worry. Some brackets are designed to be sturdy enough when clipped over the bicycle's frame.
  4. Clip the basket onto the bracket. You can sometimes secure this by placing the basket's handles down until they clip into place over the bracket, thus ensuring it is rigid in place.

Don't panic if your hook-on bike basket doesn't have a bracket.

Often, the basket comes with the bracket already attached. This means that if you attach the basket to the bike how we instructed you to attach the bracket, you'll be golden!


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What baskets can be attached?

For a basket to be mounted using a clamp, the basket is often made with a clamp attached. 

The attachment of the clamp increases the durability of the basket. If the two are not directly attached, but a clamp aims to join them, it could become insecure on either side, reducing the sturdiness of the basket.

Here at Bobbin, we only currently sell one basket that attaches to the bike by a clamp. It is the Rack Basket that sits above the rear wheel of the bicycle.

How do you attach a basket using a clamp?

If you think the other way's of attaching baskets were simple - oh boy, wait for this!

  1. Take the clamp attached to the bottom of the basket and tighten it around the bike frame until it doesn't move.
  2. That's it. Your basket is secure! 

We know, cheating the 4 step rule - but to stretch something this simple into 4 steps would be cruel.

If you're looking for a product that is simple to attach, look no further. It's the perfect detachable bike basket, as when you don't need it, it can slip off in an instant.

Being so easy to remove makes our "fold" folding bike the ideal type of bike for a clamp basket. To fold it down to such a compact size, you'd have to remove a basket anyway. So, one that slides off so quickly is perfect. 

Unfortunately, the clamp isn't available to attach a basket to the front of the frame.

It would have to connect to the head tube, so the clamp would have to be on the side of the basket rather than the bottom. This angle for the clamp would make it less stable.

Basket Carrier 

This might be where things become a little puzzling but stay with us.

Sometimes, baskets need carriers of their own. A carrier for the thing meant to carry your belongings. We know. But, it can make your basket significantly sturdier, and with that, mean it is able to hold additional weight.

Carrier's can come in the form of seats for your basket to rest on, reinforcements that attach diagonally from the headtube to the basket, or as the rear rack above the wheel that rear baskets sit on. 

The carrier bike basket's job is to increase the weight capacity of your basket. You can use them alongside our other attachment methods to put your mind at ease when carrying precious cargo like your pet.

The most common form of carrier is the bike rack, and depending on the rack style it can sit at the front or rear of the bike.

Rear racks often come included with a bike, whereas front carriers are more likely an installation you'll have to make yourself. 

It's all about reinforcing the strength your basket already has!


colourful teal bike pink jumper yellow trousers and basket 


Now you know all there is to know about bike basket installations. Hooray! 

  • The Strap method
  • The Hook and Clip method
  • The Clamp method

Time to put our teachings into practice. We believe in you. 

Or, if you're still working up to buy the basket or carrier - what are you waiting for? You're an expert now. There are no excuses! Browse our basket range today.

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