10 Tips For Cycling With a Dog

10 Tips For Cycling With a Dog

Dogs are part of the family. Below, we have some handy tips so you’ll be able to take your dog on your family cycling holiday this year so you can all enjoy the great outdoors by bike.

Training - Make sure your dog is well trained and well behaved before setting off on a family trip. 

Start slow - Go on a smaller trip before taking on a family outing. A trip down the road is a great way to see how you’ll both do.

Comfortability - Make sure your dog is comfortable around bikes and fast-moving objects.

Warm weather - Keep an eye on how hot the ground is, if it’s too hot to touch, your dog's paws will also need a break.

Paws - If your dog is running beside you as you cycle, make sure you’re careful not to cycle over them.

Breaks - Make sure you take regular breaks, your dog won’t have the same capabilities you will.

Hydrate - Bring along food and water for both of you. Since your dog can’t tell you when they need water, you’ll have to keep on top of it for them.

Traffic - You should never cycle near or on a road with your dog. It’s not prohibited, plus there is a large risk of accidents occurring.

Bike Baskets - Consider if you want your dog to be riding in a basket or a carrier clipped to the back. This is a great way to give your dog a break whilst you keep going.

Safety - If your dog is riding in a basket, make sure they’re safely clipped in to avoid injuries from them jumping out.

Now you’ve got these great tips, you’re ready to set off on your bike with every member of the family!

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