Best Bikes For 6 Year Olds

Best Bikes For 6 Year Olds

If you’re looking to choose a new bike for your child but don’t know where to start, we have you covered. Below, we have some incredible bikes that would be a perfect fit for your 6-year-old. Plus, we’ve also added some fun kids bike accessories and some tips on how to choose the right size bike.

If your child is just advancing to pedal bikes from a balance bike, we have some great options for that too! All you need to do is choose your favourite kids bikes for all of the fantastic types of bikes we have, all with lightweight frames and wonderful colours. 

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Best bikes

Your child’s new bike for 6-year-olds is just a click away from being in your home! We have a wide range of lightweight bikes available in a variety of wheel sizes and frame sizes, so you're bound to find your perfect bike no matter your child's age range. Delve into the great road bikes we have below and find your child's new bike! The perfect size bike for a 6 year old would usually be a 16" wheel bike or a 20" wheel bike

If your child is small for their age, you can always size down to a 12-inch-wheel bike, this will ensure stability as they ride, keeping their feet flat on the ground when needed. If your child is tall for their age, you can also size up to a larger bike, keeping them comfortable as they take on road riding!

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Brownie Junior 16” Wheel

The Brownie Junior in a 16” Wheel is super popular amongst kids and parents! Coming in two earthy tones, this bike is ideal if you’re looking for a bike in a more traditional manner. The colours of the bike are perfectly partnered with cream wheels and brown handlebars.

This bike comes with an adjustable seat height, making the bike comfortable for your child as they head off on a bike ride. The handlebars are also curved, unlike any other child's bike we have, making this bike unique!

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Gingersnap 20” Wheel

The Gingersnap 20" Wheel is another popular bike, coming in a wide range of bright and popping colours, this bike is perfect if you want a traditional-looking bike with a modern twist. This size bike doesn’t come with stabilisers but they are available as an additional accessory.

You could also add bike lights, baskets, helmets and so much more to match the look of this bike. If you’re unsure about the size of bike your kids need, simply take their inside leg measurements, this will give you their standover height and give you a guide on which of our bike models is the right choice. We have a handy bike size chart available on each product with inseam measurements.

If you're looking for a bike with stabilisers then we have that option in the smaller size, however, you can still choose bike stabilisers as an added extra from the accessories section. 


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Gingersnap 24” Wheel bike

Another size in the ever-popular Gingersnap range is the 24” Wheel. Just like the bike above, this high quality bike comes in a wide range of bright and popping colours, perfect if you’re looking for a modern twist or if your child wants to stand out.

This bike doesn’t come with stabilisers but they’re available to purchase separately. The cream wheels and brown handlebars and saddle perfectly bring out the bright colours this bike is available in.


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Kids Bike Accessories

You can’t have a new bike without adding some colourful and fun accessories! Here, you’re going to find some must-have accessories to add to your basket! They’re super handy, great fun and they’ll keep your child safe on the road!



We couldn’t include a kids bike helmet or a toddler bike helmet! They’re key for safety when you’re riding a bike, so ensuring your child wears one is vital! We have a wide range of helmets available. All of them come in different colours, shapes, and sizes and some even have added patterns!

We have a wide variety of helmets for kids, but also a wide range of helmets available for adults. You’ll even find some matching pairs, so if you’re wanting to match with your kids, this is ideal!

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Don’t forget to add bike lights to your kid's bikes! Not only does it ensure they’re seen by pedestrians and road users, but they’ll also be able to see where they’re going better. We have a wide range of bike lights available in different colours to suit every child!

Now you’re all clued up on the bikes we have to offer and some great accessories, all you have to do is take everything you want to the checkout. Soon enough, it’ll be in your home, ready to be seen by your excited kids!

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