Toddler on a Roll: Best Bikes for 2-Year-Olds

Toddler on a Roll: Best Bikes for 2-Year-Olds

Watching your little ones take their first steps is an incredible milestone. But have you ever thought about the adventures that await them on wheels? If your 2-year-old is ready to embark on their cycling journey, you’ve come to the right place!

In this guide, we’ll unveil the best Bobbin bikes for children aged two. Let’s equip your little cyclist with the perfect set of wheels, shall we?

Choosing Bike For 2 Year Old

Moonbug 12” Balance Bike 

Safety should be the utmost concern when choosing a bike for a 2-year-old. Look for features that prioritise the following:

  • stability
  • balance
  • an appropriate size for their age and height

A bike with a low centre of gravity ensures a secure riding experience. Balance bikes for 2 year olds, for one, are an excellent option. These push two-wheels encourage balance and coordination before moving on to pedal bikes.

Additionally, consider adjustable features that can grow alongside your child. This way, you won’t have to wonder, “What to do when your child outgrows their bike?

Adjustable handlebars and seats allow you to tailor the bike’s fit as your toddler grows. Such features ensure comfort and proper positioning. On top of safety, this adaptability also extends the bike’s lifespan.

Remember, investing in a safe and adjustable toddler bike is key for a lifetime of biking adventures. It ensures it will accommodate your little one’s growth. This saves you the hassle of needing a replacement in the near future!

1. Balance bikes

Balance bikes for 2 year olds are an excellent introduction to the world of biking for toddlers. Unlike pedal bicycles, these no-pedal wheels enable young riders to focus on developing:

  • motor skills
  • balance

They empower 2-year-old tots to propel themselves forward using their feet. This gives them a natural sense of stability and control in return. But there’s more, and we’re starting with the benefits!

First, toddler balance bikes promote a seamless transition to bikes with stabilisers. Children gain confidence in balancing on two wheels even without training wheels. Next, riding a no-pedal push bike helps refine coordination. This enhances the development of motor skills. Moreover, it instils a sense of independence and freedom.

 Gingersnap 12” Balance Bike

If you’re considering investing in one, have a look at the Bobbin Gingersnap balance bike. It comes with a handmade wicker kids bike basket. Plus, vegan leather embossed saddle, soft-touch grips, and silver ding dong bike bell.

For more options, check our best balance bikes for 2 year olds guide.

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2. Tricycles

Tricycles offer a great alternative for 2-year-olds who might not be ready for balance wheels. These three-wheeled wonders provide enhanced stability and support, instilling confidence in young riders. Tricycles help improve coordination and balance, to add. All these while allowing kids to experience the joy of cycling in a safe and controlled manner.

When investing in a tricycle, safety features are paramount. Opt for models with sturdy construction, non-slip pedals, and secure handgrips. Adjustable seats and handlebars are crucial to accommodate your little rider’s growth. Look for tricycles with a low centre of gravity to minimise tipping hazards.

Appealing designs and the best bike colour options can also make it a fun outdoor companion. With the right tricycle, your 2-year-old can explore the world with newfound independence!

3. Pedal bikes with training wheels

 Skylark 12” Wheel

Most 2-year-olds might be better suited for balance bikes. However, some early learners may display readiness for pedal bikes with stabiliser wheels.

Introducing pedal bikes at this age can speed up their biking skills. The advantages include:

  • learning pedalling techniques early on
  • bridging the gap to regular bikes sooner

However, there are challenges to consider. 24-month-olds might struggle with the coordination required for pedalling and steering simultaneously. In some cases, training wheels can also inhibit the development of balancing skills. Click here for balance bikes for 2 year olds

For those eager to explore pedal bikes, our range of bikes for 4 year olds UK is worth checking out. They come with training wheels designed to cater to four to six-year-old young riders.

Discover more answers to your questions on “What age should toddlers learn to pedal?” in our guide!


Consider balance bikes for 2 year olds to develop motor skills and balance. For those not quite ready, tricycles offer a secure and enjoyable riding experience. Some early learners might explore pedal bikes with training wheels.

Embark on a journey of confidence and excitement with Bobbin bikes for kids! Explore our wide selection, including bikes with baskets and bikes for 11-year-olds. Now, are curious about why balance bikes triumph over tricycles?

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