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Kids Bike Stabilisers

Here at Bobbin, we pride ourselves on our huge range of kids bike accessories. But not all our child-friendly accessories are just there to add a bit more colour to your awesome bike!

An Alternative To Balance Bikes

To help children on their starter bikes with bike handling skills, whilst ensuring bike safety, many of our kid's bikes come with stabilisers. And if they don't (or you want to add them on to another model) we offer high-quality bike stabilisers built to suit our Skylark models.

By offering a wider base and support to the rear wheel, training wheels allow your little rider to practice in an upright position even if their balance isn't quite there yet.

And if you're wondering whether to get stabilisers or look at balance bikes, don't worry. We've weighed up stabilisers vs. balance bikes over on our blog in the great balance bike debate - so go check it out!

Customise Your Pedal Bikes

Our stabilisers will fit a range of sizes of kids bikes from 12" - 20". Shop from our range for stabiliser bikes with them provided with your order, or help your child take it easy on their bike with pedals by modifying their standard bike to a stabiliser bike - even if it's only temporary!

The First Step To Cycling

A bike without stabilisers has to be built up to, but once kids are confident enough, they'll take to it like a duck to water. And what better way to build bike confidence than with one of our beginner bikes or a set of stabilisers?

The Perfect Bike Fit

Whether it's for our Gingersnap 12", a 16 inch wheel bike or larger, we've got a bike for all ages and the stabilisers to match!

Bike Stabiliser Wheel Attachment

So pick up a pair of our Skylark stabilisers if you need a replacement or you think they might help on the next cycling journey, whether that's family cycling or just across the park.

And for any questions on how to pick the perfect bike, just head to our FAQs or check out our assembly instructions.