Why You Should Always Wear a Helmet

Why You Should Always Wear a Helmet

Everyone is always told to wear a bike helmet when they ride a bike and warned of the dangers that they could face if they don’t. However, how many of us actually listen to that key piece of advice and actually wear a helmet?

So we're not just going to tell you. In the post below, you’re going to find out why helmets are the most important part of cycling and why you should always wear them!

 Skylark Helmet

(Skylark Helmet)

Advantages Of a Bike Helmet

Wearing a cycle helmet has endless advantages including the obvious - to protect people from cycling injuries. Wearing a helmet will only better protect you and help you to stay safe and avoid serious injury whilst riding your bike.

They protect your head (Duh!)

If you fall off your bike, especially at a great speed, there’s a big chance you’re going to hit your head on the ground. One wrong move and you could hit your head onto something hard. Not wearing a bike helmet massively increases the risk of a head or neck injury.

Such a serious injury just isn’t worth the risk of not wearing your bicycle helmet.

Better visibility from drivers 

One big cause of accidents involving cyclists on the road is poor visibility, from both drivers and pedestrians. Wearing a helmet means that road users and pedestrians are more likely to see you when you’re cycling. 

A great way to ensure this, even more, is to buy yourself a reflective or brightly coloured cycle helmet. A matte finish is great or a gloss finish helps to reflect a little bit of light without being dangerous to anyone who sees it. This works the same way as reflective clothing. 

Weather protection

Cycling in the rain and the cold is never fun but sometimes, it's necessary, especially if you’re cycling to work. A helmet can help to keep the rain out of your face, keeping your visibility clearer. It also helps to keep your head warm and prevents water from dripping down your forehead and face. 

Increases your visibility

This closely ties in with protection against the weather, just like rain, the sun can impact your visibility. Wearing your helmet can help to block out the sun, meaning you’re more likely to be able to see where you’re going. 

Sets a good example 

If you have kids, or kids around you a lot, it’s always important to set a good example. One way of achieving this is to make sure you have your helmet on. When they see you wearing your helmet, they’re going to automatically reach for theirs. 

pink helmet

(Pink skylark helmet) 

Fitting Your Helmet

Wearing your helmet is important, but making sure your helmet is the right size is one of the most important steps. Here is how you can tell if your helmet is too big for you:

  1. Measure your head - This will give you a rough indication of where to look when starting to find the right helmet
  2. Try some on - You can’t find the right helmet without trying a few on. Order a few different sizes to see which fits you best
  3. Adjust - Now you’ve got the right size you need to make sure your helmet fits you, adjust the straps around your chin until it fits tightly. Although not tight enough that it hurts.
    This is why Bobbin helmets come with easy-adjust dial systems!
  4. Test it out - Don’t go cycling in it just yet! You need to make sure there’s no movement in your helmet. Move your helmet from side to side, then front to back. If it starts to drop any side of your head, your helmet is too big.

disco bike helmet

(Disco bike helmet)

Night Cycling

Cycling safety is so important, making sure you keep yourself safe is a key step towards a happy and healthy life. Cycling at night is something people either dread or look forward to. Less traffic means it's safer, but if you fall off your bike, there are fewer people to help.

There are some great tips on cycling safety that can be used all around the world. Here are a few tips we've collected to help you on your nighttime journey.

  • Reflective lights - Using reflective lights (such as a rear bike light or front-facing light) is a great way to ensure you’re seen, exactly like during the day, they help to let drivers and pedestrians know you’re there. Fluorescent clothing is always an added bonus!
  • Signal when turning - Signalling when you’re turning is a key step even during the day, but when it’s dark, it’s even more important to let drivers know your intentions and make sure they don’t miss a thing. It's also more than important to stop at traffic lights too and pay attention! 
  • No electronics - If you have a watch or phone letting off a bright light, you’re more likely to get distracted. Keep these away from you in the dark whilst cycling. 
  • Stay clear of large vehicles - Larger vehicles have a harder time seeing you anyway, but in the dark, it’s even harder. If you can, do your best to keep clear of them and their blind spots and keep both yourself and the driver with no room for error. Stay away from their blind spots!

 mirror mirror helmet

(Mirror Mirror helmet)

Our Helmets 

With so much information in this post all about helmet safety, we couldn’t forget to give you some great helmets you’re able to order today! We’ve thrown in some adult helmets as well as some kids helmets! 

Wearing a full-face helmet is great when motorcycling, but they restrict your visibility if you're riding a bike. However, our helmets cover your full head, the top, sides and back, preventing the risk of head injury. And they come in different sizes to suit everyone!

Starling Stars Helmet - If you’re someone who likes to add a unique touch to your bike, this is the ideal helmet. This comes in one size (small/ medium) and is suitable for a child or a small adult. 

Mirror Mirror chrome helmet - This gloss finish cycling helmet comes in two sizes of small/medium and medium/large. This helmet is ideal if you’re looking for a reflective helmet that won’t negatively impact the visibility of road users. 

Starling duck egg blue helmet - This helmet comes in two different sizes, small/medium and medium/large. This makes it suitable for a young child up until a fully grown adult.

Skylark Helmet - The Skylark range is designed for young children and small adults. You’ll find this helmet in the sizes of XS and medium and comes in various colours (although this one is a beautiful blossom pink).

Hopefully, after this post, you’ll always make sure to wear your helmet every time you get on your bike! There are so many benefits to wearing a helmet, you’ve got no reason not to. Browse our range of toddler bike helmets, kids helmets, or adult cycle helmets.

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