Wagtail Ride Along the Crab and Winkle

Wagtail designer Tom Bobbin took his new machine for a spin along the Crab & Winkle Way from Canterbury to Whitstable and back, enjoying a swim and possibly a couple of craft ales en route.  The massive 2.1" tyres of the Wagtail cruised easily over this sometimes gravelly Sustrans route, the gears proved more than a match for the hills, plus the swept-back bars give a nice relaxed position that keeps everything civilised.  There were also a few heads turned on the bike path at the tasty copper colour and general suave arrangement that is part vintage MTB/ part cruiser.  What more can you ask for?  Summer's here and the byways are beckoning. (I'm also going to be adding some mudguards and porteur rack to use it as a London commuter; wave if you see me.)  Saddle up on your Wagtail here