Essential Bike Accessories for Urban Cycling

Essential Bike Accessories for Urban Cycling

Cycling has emerged as a popular mode of city transportation. But the adventure doesn’t just revolve around the two wheels attached. The right bicycle accessories also play a big role in elevating your riding.

In this blog, we put together a list of bike attachments for every urban cyclist. We’ll guide you through the must-haves, from safety gear to practical tools.

So, gear up and pedal your way through the city fully equipped for the road ahead!

Safety Road Bike Accessories

Helmets and bike lights, including reflective urban cycling clothing, are key for safety. They act as the first line of defence, reducing the risk of serious injuries and accidents.


 Mirror Mirror Bike Helmet Bronze

When it comes to cycling, in general, safety should always be a top priority. One of the most crucial accessories to invest in is high-quality Bobbin helmets. In the unfortunate event of an accident, a helmet can be a lifesaver. This headgear acts as a shield designed to protect your head from serious injuries.

But it doesn’t stop there. Safety gear, like knee and elbow pads, can provide an extra layer of protection. For one, during unexpected falls or collisions. Such accessories can ensure you can bounce back from minor mishaps.

Bike lights and reflective clothing

 Classic Bike Headlamp

Cycling amidst dimly lit streets and heavy traffic demands increased visibility and safety. This is where bike lights, such as a bicycle headlamp, become indispensable. Not only do they illuminate your path, but they also ensure other road users notice you. This, overall, helps reduce the risk of accidents and enhances your safety.

There are two main types available: front and rear bicycle lights. Front headlights illuminate the road ahead, allowing you to see potential hazards. At the same time, making you visible to oncoming traffic. Rear taillights, in contrast, make you visible to vehicles approaching from behind. This addition helps minimise the chances of rear-end collisions.

Reflective urban cycling clothing also emerges as a vital accessory. Wearing them greatly enhances a cyclist’s visibility to motorists and pedestrians. You can cycle in style, even during low-light conditions or at night.

For youngsters, reflective vests or jackets with vibrant designs are popular choices. Adults may opt for reflective arm and leg bands or jackets with reflective strips.

Comfort Road Bike Accessories

Urban cycling with city bikes can take a toll on your comfort during extended rides. Fortunately, there are several road bike accessories designed to provide comfort and convenience.


Cycling gloves provide a comfortable grip on the handlebars. Wearing them helps reduce hand fatigue and prevent blisters. Moreover, gloves act as a cushioning layer, absorbing vibrations from uneven road surfaces. This can minimise hand and wrist discomfort.

Additionally, gloves with moisture-wicking properties help maintain dry hands. When riding during summer, this perk comes in handy, enhancing grip and control.


 Daytripper Saddlebag

A bicycle saddlebag attaches beneath the bike seat, offering extra storage space. It allows you to carry essential items like repair tools, spare tubes, and a small first-aid kit. By stashing these items in the saddle bag, you avoid the need to carry a heavy backpack. Say goodbye to shoulders and back strain!

This streamlined solution not only enhances comfort. It also ensures you are always prepared for unexpected situations like flat tires.

Padded shorts

Padded shorts are a game-changer for urban cyclists seeking prolonged comfort during rides. The padded chamois in the shorts provide additional cushioning. What’s more, they reduce friction between your body and the saddle. This help minimises the risk of soreness and contributes to better weight distribution.

Moreover, padded shorts offer crucial support, especially during longer commutes or recreational rides. They ensure you can pedal with ease and focus on the surroundings rather than discomfort.

Water bottles

Stainless Steel Water Bottle 

Staying hydrated is essential for any cyclist. In the urban setting, having easy access to water is particularly vital. Carrying a water bottle ensures you can quench your thirst when cycling in hot weather.

Staying hydrated helps maintain your energy levels and, of course, prevents dehydration. It also aids in staying alert and responsive while navigating through the busy road.

Top tip: Place it on your bike frame so you can take a quick sip without interrupting your flow.

Maintenance Road Bike Accessories

Equip yourself with the right maintenance tools. Doing so enables you to tackle unexpected mishaps and minor repairs on the go.


Flat tires and gradual loss of pressure are common occurrences. This is especially the case when navigating through city streets filled with debris. Carrying a portable pump ensures you can quickly inflate your tires and get back on the road in no time.

With the right pressure, your tires offer better traction and increased efficiency. Most importantly, a more comfortable ride. Look for compact, lightweight pumps that fit easily in your bike bag or attach to your bike frame.

Patch kit

Urban cycling exposes your tires to various hazards, like glass shards. Having a patch kit allows you to make quick and temporary repairs until you can fix or replace the tube.

This small and lightweight kit typically includes adhesive patches and sandpaper. With one, you’ll be able to handle unexpected tire issues swiftly and confidently.

Other tools

Multi Tool - Rainbow 

It’s also beneficial to have bicycle spare parts to address maintenance needs. Multi-tools with various functions, like wrenches, screwdrivers, and chain breakers, are recommended. Also, carry tire levers to help remove and replace tires easily, especially when fixing a flat. A reliable bike lock also secures bicycles during stops and prevents theft.


What road bike accessories to get with a new bike?

When getting a new Bobbin bike, consider a helmet, bike lights, a pump, and a water bottle holder. Additionally, you may want to invest in a saddle bag, bike lock, and padded shorts for added comfort. This applies to both kids and adult cycling.

How do you outfit as a commuter bike?

Outfitting a commuter bike involves adding practical road bike accessories. These include fenders to protect from splashes and rear panniers for carrying items. A bike bell also comes in handy in signalling pedestrians. For clothing, our “What to Wear When Cycling to Work” guide is worth a read!

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