10 Tips On How To Cycle Without Sweating

10 Tips On How To Cycle Without Sweating

In this post below, we have some great tips on how to avoid sweating whilst you’re cycling this summer. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know! Grab your water bottle and your helmet, you’re in for a treat!

Speed - The slower you cycle, the less you’ll sweat.

Clothing - Wear light and breathable clothing whilst you cycle. 

Luggage - Use a basket or bike bag to carry your luggage, don’t carry it on your back.

Helmet - Make sure your helmet is well ventilated and breathable to allow air through.

Shoes - Avoid shoes that keep the heat and sweat in. 

Route - Choose a route that offers a vast amount of shade and avoid sunlight.

Timing - Avoid cycling during the hottest times of the day, try sticking to the morning and the evening. 

Water - Keep yourself hydrated, if you sweat, your body is losing fluids.

Break - If you want to avoid sweating, allow time in your journey to take regular breaks.

Uphill - Avoid cycling uphill since this will give you more reason to sweat on your journey. 

They’re our great tips, all you have to do is enjoy your ride!

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