10 Tips For Cycling With Kids

10 Tips For Cycling With Kids

Cycling with kids can be a daunting experience, but with some handy tips, it’ll be a breeze. Grab your bikes and head off on a family trip.

Stabilisers - Make sure they’re able to ride without stabilisers, they should be comfortable on the road before a trip.

Maintenance - Check your kid's bike as well as your adult bike to make sure it’s in good condition before taking off on a trip.

Accessories - Spice up your kid's bike with accessories to make the bike exciting and fun for your kids.

Planning - Plan the route in advance and make sure they’re familiar with the route so they have an idea of where they’re riding.

Helmets - Don’t forget to make sure they’ve got their helmet on so they’re safe when they ride.

Hills - Kids' bikes can sometimes be heavier than adult bikes, try to avoid hills and steep slopes since their little legs won’t be able to contend uphill.

Positioning - If you’re riding with another adult, having one in front of the kids and one behind is always handy. Otherwise, let the kids lead and follow them so you’re able to keep an eye.

Prep - Before you ride, make sure shoelaces are tied and helmets are tightly fastened before starting your journey.

Communication - Ask your kids to talk to you regularly. They should let you know if they plan on turning, slowing down or speeding up.

Clothing - If the weather is cold, make sure they’re wrapped up so they’re able to ride comfortably. If it’s hot, make sure they’re cool enough and have a water bottle with them.

Now you’re all ready to head off on a great family trip!

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