10 Tips For Cycling With a Child Seat

10 Tips For Cycling With a Child Seat

Cycling and going on bike trips with kids can be a fun and rewarding experience for everyone! Plus, it’s great to see how excited they get when they’re experiencing the world at a fast pace. Below, we have some great tips if you’re starting to ride with kids for the first time.

Try before you buy - See which seat suits you best before you buy one!

Practice - Practice with heavy items to get a feel of the weight, cycling with a child can be heavy.

Go slow - Don’t race ahead on your bike and increase your speed too much.

Braking - Increase your braking time to allow more time for reaction and a slow stop.

Short trips - Start with short trips to your local corner shop!

Tracks - Try to stay on tarmac roads and paths, this makes cyclists more confident.

Maintenance - Make sure your bike is well looked after before a ride with your child.

Health - Make sure you’re ready and fit enough to take on your ride with a child.

Prep - Make sure you have enough supplies for both of you, a bike basket would be a great addition here.

Normality - Get your kids used to the seat, let them sit in it, play in it and get them excited whilst making sure they know they’ll be fastened in.

That’s it! They’re all we have for you! Don’t forget to grab some helpful accessories to make your trip more exciting.

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